How to Best Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams

How to Best Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams

For many of us, having the perfect kitchen is essential. We want a kitchen that’s not only efficient and functional but pleasing in the aesthetic sense as well. And here’s the good news: this is entirely possible if you know exactly what you want and how to plan it out. If you’re unsure about how to plan and create your dream kitchen, here’s what you should know.

Know your space

The first thing you need to know is the actual space you have to work with. Understand your kitchen space and make use of scale drawings so that you can begin a concrete, realistic plan for your kitchen (one tip: ask an architect or kitchen specialist for advice when it comes to scale drawings). Knowing your space also means knowing the location of both external and internal windows and doors, so you can have the ideal flow between the kitchen and the rest of the house.

Understand your options in kitchen layouts

There are different kitchen layouts from which you can choose, so you have to familiarise yourself with these options. One of the most popular is the open-plan layout, where the kitchen, dining area, and living area are in one central space without any distinct separations. You can also opt for a ‘broken’ kitchen and living area layout (a popular trend today), where the spaces in the home are separated, but only partly. This may include a half-wall separating the kitchen and the dining area or living area, or a pocket door which can divide the dining room from the kitchen.

A good kitchen layout can also include a kitchen island, and kitchen islands have quickly become a necessary component for many homeowners as well. But when considering your kitchen island and kitchen worktops, make sure to choose the right material, as suggested by the experts in kitchen countertops from Dublin, C & G Granite. Your choice in materials can range from granite to quartz to marble to composite, wood, and stainless steel, so know the qualities of each and choose wisely.

Consider all the elements which make up your idea of a great kitchen, from wall and base units to breakfast bars, a hob and oven, a sink, storage areas, cabinetry and cupboards, and so on.

Decide on your kitchen style

There are modern and contemporary kitchens, and there are kitchens with a traditional design. Decide on your kitchen style and make sure it works for you and suits your needs and lifestyle as well as the overall design of your home. If you have children, it may be better to go for a simple design, and if you have budget constraints, keep it simple and invest in important elements such as a good worktop and high-quality taps.


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