How to Accessorize Your Black Prom Dress

How to Accessorize Your Black Prom Dress

The day is here – “do my college paper” is crossed from the to-do list and bight future is about to start. But festivities first! Have you chosen a black dress for your prom night? Perfect. Now wondering what to pair with it? No problem, we have put together a range of ideas for you to kit your outfit out to look classy, stylish, and glam.

Now you have your dress, how you accessorize it becomes an important task, and will make the difference between your outfit looking stunning or average. Whilst it’s important to maintain your own style, and of course there are no right and wrong ways to style your outfit, there are however some fashion guidelines we can get ideas and inspiration from along the way.

Less is more – keep the jewellery simple.

The last thing you want to do is overshadow your black dress with too much overstated and complicated jewellery. Your dress should be the main feature, we recommend keeping the accessories simple, avoid fancy patterns and these can make the dress look cheap. JJ’s House designer Jessica suggests choosing plain round and thin necklines and rings, without stones and too much detail. It is tempting to accessorize to the max, but remember your prom dresses and you and the most important parts of the night.

Amp up the dress with Gold & Silver

Matching your black prom dresses with gold or silver accessories will look fab. Gold adds a layer of shimmer and shine to the black; it’s a classic combo that you can’t go wrong with. If you are more of a silver girl, then choosing silver accessories to contrast the black works well. Why not try silver patterned jewellery to give you an edgy look, or jewel toned accessories if you want to stand out more.

Maximum of 2 rule

Fashionista’s are in agreement that when it comes to special events like your prom night, the rule of 2 works a treat. They suggest wearing a maximum of 2 pieces of jewellery at any one time, for example a neckline and ring, or ring and earrings. This way, your outfit stays minimum whilst still having an element of glamour. Don’t forget you have other accessories like shoes and a bag, so keeping the jewellery to a minimum isn’t going to mean you feel bare. Instead of ensures you aren’t overcrowding the centrepiece.

Make sure your accessories highlight your dress

Depending on the style of black prom dress you have, some styles need a little more work than others in the accessory department to make them reach their full potential. If you have a strapless or sleeveless dress with a sweetheart, bandeau or straight bust with an open neck, then a statement neckline will be a great addition and at contrast to the outfit. If you have a high neckline or halter neck, then we recommend ditching the neckline and going for some dropdown statement earrings to not take attention away from the dress style.

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