Hiring a Roofer After a Storm: 3 Steps to Follow

Hiring a Roofer After a Storm: 3 Steps to Follow

The days following a major storm can be exhausting and overwhelming. Not only are you trying to meet the basic needs of your family but making sure they are safe and fed, but you also need to repair the damage the storm caused. Demand for roof repair companies will surge and you may have a hard time finding a quality roofer.

There are three key steps you should follow as you look to hire a residential roofing company. Follow these tips to make sure your family is protected.

1. Shop around for different quotes.

In the wake of a major storm, some people try to take advantage of those in mind. A disreputable roofer will raise their prices dramatically because they know homeowners are desperate. Before hiring a roofing company, shop around for quotes. Call at least three different Denver roofing contractors to get an idea for what the project will cost.

Shopping around is particularly important to make sure your costs are covered. Your insurance company might only pay a certain amount for repairs, leaving you to pick up the rest of the bill. You can avoid a battle with the insurance company and stay on budget by knowing what a reasonable cost for repairs looks like.

2. Research the reputation of each roofing contractor.

You can’t judge a contractor by their prices. There are plenty of companies that charge too much and others who offer seemingly-good deals but lack the experience and professionalism you need. For every Denver roofing contractor you look for hire, do your research and learn what customers think of them.

Read their reviews on social media and on Google to see what past customers have to say. Learn about the quality of the work they provide as well as their customer service. You should also check their accreditation and ratings with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This rates the reputation of companies so you know you are making a safe choice. Many companies will be upfront about their BBB rating if they are proud of the grade they received.

Of course, along with reading the reviews, make sure the licensing of each roofing contractor Denver is up to date. This ensures that your storm damage repair is legal and allows you to check on that contractor to see if they have any violations or problems working in the state.


3. Consider upgrading your roof for long-term protection.

Right now, your main focus is on getting any roof over your head and restoring your life to some form of normalcy. However, through all the stress you feel, you may want to consider making long-term improvements to your roof. For example, do you have basic asphalt shingles to protect your home? These shingles fall off easily, fail to protect your roof from hail damage, and need to be replaced every few years. There are alternative options that can make your roof last longer.

Look into metal shingles or metal roofing that can better protect your home. You can also upgrade to impact-resistant or solar-reflective shingles that protect your house from hail or keeps your home from heating up.

These shingles are more expensive than your basic roofing options. However, they will last longer and keep your home safe from storms. If you want to avoid the stress you are experiencing now because of your roof repair, then consider a shingle upgrade. You may even get a discount from your home insurance company with the right shingle option.

The last thing you want in the days following a storm is to feel cheated by low-quality roofing contractors. Do your research before you hire someone. Make sure they charge fair rates and are known for good work so you can get your roof back to normal.

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