Help the Fife environment by buying a Scottish title while in New Zealand

Help the Fife environment by buying a Scottish title while in New Zealand

It’s a problem that faces all of us, every more so as we get older. Just what gifts we buy for friends and loved ones? It’s inevitable that many of us have virtually everything we want to enjoy our everyday lives, and while gift vouchers are an easy option, it doesn’t offer much in the way of thought or imagination.

The best presents are the ones that are not expected. Something that blows the mind of the lucky recipient as they expect another voucher or sometimes cash when given a card. Imagine the look of astonishment and then all the smiles and laughter that will come if you happen to buy Scotland Titles in New Zealand for them.

  • That sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Being able to make someone a lord or lady from your own computer, but it’s true, legitimate, and 100% legal. There’s no need to have blue blood flowing through the veins. It is open to anyone from any background to become titled.
  • It is estimated that there are somewhere between 1 and 2 million Kiwis with Scottish roots, a remarkable figure to contemplate, until you try booking a restaurant on Burns Night. Imagine the thrill of someone with such ancestry becoming a lord or lady of somewhere special to them.
  • Aside from the initial excitement, think of all the fun that such a gift can provide. That will look good on the golf club membership application form or when standing for election to the local sports club committee. And how beautiful and romantic it is to be able to bring coffee and cakes and address a loved one by their new title.
  • Aside from the amusement and enjoyment that the new titles provide, there is a serious and positive side to it. It is legal because the company that provides the service is doing good for the environment. They have bought an area of land in the Kingdom of Fife to ensure that is free from development and spoiled for future generations.
  • Each individual purchase then allows the holder to receive a title while doing their little bit to help preserve a beautiful part of the world. The wilderness will be left to grow naturally free from those wanting to build on it.

Buying a Scottish lord or lady title is simple, will provide pride and joy along with laughter, and ensures that the environment is being preserved.


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