Gucci and the No Guilt Approach to Quality Apparel

Gucci and the No Guilt Approach to Quality Apparel

Today’s consumer is often riddled with guilt when looking at the clothing they are likely to wear. With so much concern about the environment and human rights, it is no wonder that there are few brands which truly offer everything that meets the criteria of a fashionista with a social conscience. Gucci, however, makes the grade in all areas, so there is no guilt when choosing this design house for your wardrobe. Let’s take a look at why Gucci continues to top the list of design houses, even in this time when so many are losing previously loyal customers right and left.

House of Gucci – House of Leather

While it can’t be said that nothing is synthetic in their high-end apparel, it can be said that they use a minimum of manmade materials when crafting their designs. Did you know that Gucci goods are manufactured in the Italian town of Prato, which is famous for being a leather capital of the world? Gucci prides itself on high use of natural leather which has a low carbon footprint when it comes to the environment. Even Gucci sneakers you can find on high-end sites like SSENSE have leather uppers and natural rubber soles. How’s that for eco-friendly fashion?

No Third World Sweat Shops

Let’s talk about the manufacturing process for just a moment. Unlike so many name brands like Nike, Gucci uses no third world sweat shops in the manufacturing process. As mentioned above, all work takes place in the Italian town of Prato and each and every worker is a craftsman in his or her own right. This is something especially appealing to today’s well-informed consumer. Altogether too many designer merchandises are made with the blood, sweat and tears of indigent people in poverty-stricken parts of the world. Gucci has always been synonymous with Italian design and this is one of the reasons why – apart from the elegant Italian lines each and every design follows, that is.

Quality Second to None

While the double mirrored G logo of Gucci is world renowned and easily recognizable, it is far more than a logo design that makes Gucci fashions so popular. What brought Gucci to the limelight way back in 1921, almost a century ago, is the same thing that keeps this house of design always in the top 5. They only offer merchandise that is manufactured to the highest standards and their quality is second to none. From the perfumes they carry to those leather sneakers mentioned above, you will not find quality at this level anywhere, except perhaps another high-end house of design, of which there are few.

So, there you have why you can shop guilt-free for anything and everything Gucci. It’s natural, eco-friendly and manufactured in the most humane factories on earth. Wouldn’t you say that’s enough to recommend the brand to even the most environmentally conscientious consumers of today? If that’s not enough, don’t forget the timeless elegance of each and every design. That’s quality. That’s Gucci.


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