Flat-out fun: easy-to-overlook ways of using a flat roof

Flat-out fun: easy-to-overlook ways of using a flat roof

The most distracting aspect of a flat roof, at least in terms of how it will be used, is that one word, roof. A roof isn’t something we especially ‘use’, as people. It’s literally that thing that’s over our heads, out of sight and out of mind, unless something goes wrong.

However, flat roofs are actually far more versatile than you’d first imagine. True, they’re usually a dull, grey colour, and not designed for being built on, but there are still attractive options available to every domestic or commercial flat roof owner.

Green roofing

If flat roofs are good for one thing (although they’re actually good for many more), it’s keeping things flat. Therefore, if something like a garage, extension or commercial flat roof can stand a little extra weight, you could set a wonderful example by transforming the space into a modern green roof.

You’ll need a specialist green roofing contractor to perform a full transition from a standard flat roof into a green roof, but the potential environmental, economic, social and regulatory benefits could be well worth the effort.

Solar panels

Similarly, a flat roof can also be the ideal place for solar panels to be installed. There’s a natural assumption that solar panels have to be facing in a particular direction, or positioned at a certain pitch, but a professional installer can accommodate for the flatness of the surface.

Again, the energy-saving implications in the long run are incredible, and it’s believed that, no matter where you have solar panels installed in the UK, within a decade, they will have paid for themselves by saving on your energy costs.

More space inside

Without sloped wall and roof finishes on top of a property, a top-floor apartment or loft/attic extension has far more room inside. Essentially, the flat roof is being used to create space inside the property itself.

Though domestic flat roofs are rarely designed to support the weight of someone walking around or spending time on top of a property, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be installed to allow more freedom in the room underneath. Small areas of flat roofing, like those found atop something like a dormer loft conversion, are clear proof that a flat roof can be handy for creating space.

Beautiful balconies

One consideration that many people forget when having a home extension designed and built is whether they intend to use it from above, too. Although this will obviously become an integral part of the overall design, if your ground-level extension is going to be below a first-floor bedroom, then the option of a balcony could be available.

There are many roofers in Hartlepool, Hastings, Havering and all over the country who can install flat roofs and perform the building work required to extend your home and add a balcony, too. While a balcony might not be something you use every day, it’s worth considering at least for those wonderful sunny, summer mornings as an option for enjoying some breakfast and a brew.



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