Family-friendly Crafts to Use as Home Décor

Family-friendly Crafts to Use as Home Décor

The sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating your home. You can use virtually anything to add character and life to the rooms of your house. Colors, designs, and styles know no bounds.

What you use depends on your preferences and the mood and elements you want to create. Your budget is also something to consider, though you don’t need to spend a lot of cash to decorate your place well. You can even use homemade crafts to display and make your home look more inviting, cheerful, and beautiful.

String Art

This works well in the bathroom and laundry room, but you can employ this method just about anywhere. You can begin by cutting out letters from craft paper. Then, mark the holes where you’ll put nails into the wall by using the letters as a guide. Next, hammer in the nails and wrap the nails with yarn, using various colors. You can spell out any words you want or make other designs of your choosing.

Wrap a Mirror With Rope

If you have a frameless mirror, you can add a frame with materials you have on hand. One popular choice is to wrap the mirror with rope. Don’t be afraid to use different colors and thicknesses of rope. However, it’s usually best to use half-inch to three-quarter-inch manilla rope. You can add a few bands to the rope as well. Make sure you connect the rope to the mirror edge with hot glue. Speaking of rope, you can also use it to wrap around lamps.

Hanging Baskets

Looking for more space to store fruit, spices, or other kitchen items? Try some hanging baskets. You can make these yourself and place them strategically, conveniently, and in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Using caning is an effective, nice-looking way to do this. Start by cutting a 3 ½-inch-tall strip of caning. Then, hot glue the bottom edge of the strip around the outside edge of the wooden basket. You will then want to thread some twine through the caning and attach it with hot glue. Use hot glue to attach lengths of flat reeds around the top and bottom of the baskets. You can use more twine to attach them to the ceiling.

Chalk Wall Calendar

Everyone needs a calendar to stay organized and manage their many responsibilities. While digital methods are the most popular today, you can step back in time and have some fun with a chalkboard. Once you have your chalkboard, you can use painter’s tape to make a 35-square grid for the days of the month. Then, use acrylic chalkboard paint to fill up the calendar with the information you want to include. Hang it on the wall with twine and a pushpin.

As you can see, it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to decorate your house with homemade items. You can get a hold of a Target promo code and start purchasing some of these items to get started. Pick one or two of these and see what difference it makes in the rooms of your place.

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