Everything You Need to Remodel Your Bathroom – From A to Z

Everything You Need to Remodel Your Bathroom – From A to Z

Although there are likely tens of thousands of text guides and video walkthroughs on how to remodel your own bathroom, most homeowners choose to hire professional contractors. They do this in part because they want their bathrooms remodeled correctly the first time around. Professional bathroom remodeling companies are also frequently hired because they offer guarantees on their work and materials, can do the work quickly, and simply have the right experience. With that in mind, realize that homeowners don’t choose the company that does their remodeling by picking a name out of a hat. Here are all the steps you will go through as you select a bathroom remodeling contractor, have the work done, and ponder the results.

When the Idea of Remodeling Your Bathroom is More Than a Fleeting Thought

Having any area of your home remodeled will bring instant value and enjoyment to your life. With a new kitchen, you can cook on a new and more efficient stovetop and have more storage room for your non-perishable food items. Renovate the living room, and you could have more light, a comparatively open floor plan, and improved flooring. When remodeling takes place in a home, it is always referred to as a project or a job because it is quite a large undertaking.

Obtaining and Comparing Bathroom Remodel Job Cost Quotes

Some contractors are good at performing standard bathroom upgrades at lightning speed, and other remodeling companies are known for artfully remodeling old bathrooms and making them stand out. Get in contact with a reputable company like American Vision Baths to receive a full custom quote. American Vision Baths specialize in remodeling bathrooms of all kinds, transforming outdated half baths into sprawling spas. Having access to as many bathroom remodeling quotes that you can get your hands on will inevitably make choosing the right contractor for you an easy job.

Working Closely with a Bathroom Remodeling Company

After you get your quotes and choose a contractor, it is highly suggested that you sign a binding contract. Contracts between homeowners wanting to have their bathrooms remodeled and contractors actually protect both parties involved. Within your contract, all of the ground rules should be laid forth. Deposit amount, expected completion date, the hours work is to be performed, etc., needs to be spelled out and agreed on before you should feel comfortable about going forward. While you will be working with and in regular contact with the remodeling company, you should leave it to the experts to know what is best and to do a great job.

Considering Your Source Options for Tiling, Fixtures, Tubs, Sinks, and More

Certain types of tiling and even particular brands of shower doors are going to be available through a limited number of distributors. So, if you are set on any of the details of your bathroom remodeling project, note that the price of materials or even the length of time that you wait for them to arrive can be enormously impacted. As you flip through sample catalogs, choosing painting colors, bathroom hardware fixtures, and vanities, remember that mixing options, taking substitutions, or giving your contractor a little personal discretion can only make your bathroom more beautiful.

Drafting a Final Bathroom Modeling Plan

Your remodeling contractor will design a three-dimensional representation of your newly remodeled bathroom or even sketch out a basic floor plan. This is the last step before work on your bathroom will commence. At this stage, you will talk about if any work permits are necessary, discuss any potential complications, and go over the timeline again. If you have any second thoughts about what type of toilet you are going to have installed or where you want the bathroom sink to be situated, bring it up now – this is going to be the final and most convenient time to go over potential changes.

Preparing to be Down a Bathroom for a Spell

Assuming that you have more than one bathroom in your home, during the time a remodeling job is being actively performed you will be only slightly inconvenienced. If there are several people living in your home, you will need to plan out who can use the bathroom and when, especially during busy times of day. In the unfortunate event that there is only a single bathroom in your home, a short hotel stay, or even an extended visit with a friend would be more appropriate. Sometimes, neighbors can be exceedingly hospitable, allowing fairly liberal use of their bathroom facilities until yours become available again. At any rate, bathroom remodel jobs seldom last any more than a couple of days to a full week of work from beginning to end.

Hitting Milestones and Communicating with Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

At some points, you may be invited to take a look at how your remodeled bathroom is turning out. Even if you don’t get to inspect your bathroom visually, your contractor should be informing you of the progress being made. Knowing precisely when a bathroom is being torn down, or when the wrap-around shower has been completed gives a homeowner lots of reassurance. When you are being informed of what is going on, you know that your remodeling contractor is hitting the milestones you agreed upon.

Admiring Your Newly Remodeled Bathroom

It can feel like an eternity while you wait for your bathroom remodeling job to be completed, but the time when you can see the finished result will eventually come. Your bathroom can be used just as soon as it is remodeled, enabling you to dash in with accessories, accents, and personal touches. A remodeled bathroom not only looks different, it functions better, preserving water, using less energy, and overall adding value to the home.

The majority of bathroom remodeling projects cost homeowners between about $4,000 and $7,000. This isn’t a small investment for a homeowner to make, but the payoff is swift. Great remodeled bathrooms are in perfect harmony with the entire layout of the home. They can be a welcome surprise or help to really highlight the existing architecture in a home. While they aren’t a simple matter, bathroom remodeling is often a very welcome improvement.


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