Everything You Need to Know About Hair Loss Treatments

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Loss Treatments

Millions of men every year report experiencing some degree of hair loss. While it’s commonly thought that hair loss is simply a symptom of aging and that old age is the most common cause, but this isn’t necessarily the case. There are many reasons why men experience hair loss, and some of them include other, more serious health conditions. This is why it’s so important that we normalize hair loss and work to improve access to treatment options for men.

Because male pattern hair loss has been such a prevalent issue in men’s health for years, treatment options have been researched and developed for decades. In the past, hair loss treatments were very limited, quite expensive, and somewhat ineffective. Thankfully, there are now more treatment options and prescription products available to men that have been tested and proven effective for years. Generic versions of existing medications have also been made available to help increase the affordability of these treatment options. The following are some of the best products for hair regrowth that are available on the market today.

Best Treatment Options for Hair Loss


In the past, the treatment options for hair loss were limited to a few different topical treatments and hair transplants. These options were often incredibly expensive and involved a lengthy wait for hair growth to occur. Today, there are telehealth companies that are trying to remedy these issues with affordability and efficacy. This way men can conveniently meet with a licensed doctor for an online consultation and receive a treatment plan that is tailored to their exact situation.

One of the top telemedicine companies on the market today is Keeps. USARx has created an in-depth Keeps review that offers potential users a comprehensive view of the company and its products. The Keeps team understands that male pattern hair loss can be an incredibly difficult condition to navigate, and many men experience embarrassment and shame as a result. The line of Keeps products has been proven time and time again to have positive results, and they also offer a subscription service that allows men to have convenient access to the products they need.

Whether you’d prefer a topical treatment or oral medication, Keeps has product options for you. The Keeps website shows the array of products and treatment plans they provide. Users can visit their website, file out their profile with their medical history, and speak with a licensed Keeps doctor to help them determine the best treatment plan for their needs. All of the Keeps products are FDA approved and available at a fraction of the cost of traditional prescription medications at the pharmacy.

Causes of Male Pattern Baldness


Male pattern baldness is frequently thought to be due to old age, but this isn’t actually the most common cause. The majority of hair loss cases in men are caused by a genetic predisposition, or more specifically, androgenic alopecia. Men who suffer from androgenic alopecia experience a receding hairline and various degrees of baldness from a very young age. Because the societal expectation for male pattern baldness is tied to aging, when men experience hair loss in their 20s, it can be an incredibly challenging experience. Hair loss can have a huge impact on a man’s mental health, which is why it’s so important to seek medical advice if you’re suffering from male pattern hair loss.

Some of the other common causes of male pattern baldness are actually other health conditions. Diabetes, iron deficiency, thyroid issues, and anemia can all lead to potential hair loss. When a person experiences these serious health issues, it can be very stressful, but dealing with hair loss as an additional side effect can be physically and emotionally taxing.

While hair loss can affect a person’s mental health, their mental health can also impact their hair growth. Stress, anxiety, and depression are also common causes of hair loss among men. While these triggers are typically found to cause temporary hair loss, the emotional impact can still be just as draining.


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