DIY-A Few Pearl Jewelry Ideas

DIY-A Few Pearl Jewelry Ideas

Pearls are loved the world over for their beauty. These gemstones are some of natures wonderful creations. However, even with pearls being close to many of our hearts, the creativity and design of the jewelry that they make is usually limited.

If you are looking for something unique but still want to wear pearls, here are a few pearl jewelry ideas.

  1. Chose the design of your necklace

Our idea of a DIY pearl necklace that you can fully customize involves you choosing a single pearl. Pick the right color and size and use this on your necklace. This is the simplest design yet and will include a single pearl on your necklace so make sure it stands out and that the rest of the necklace is exquisite.

  1. Pearl Earrings

Next, we are going to design some pretty earrings with seashells and pearls. Begin by taking two seashells and mark a point at the center. Next use an awl to create a small pin sized hole at the center of each of the seashells.

Next, pick the right sized pearls and also make sure that they are the right color. Find a thin silver coated wire and form two hooks. These will hold the earrings to your ears.

Make two jump rings with the wire and attach these to the seashells through the holes you made. The last step is to connect the hooks to the jump rings and voila you’ve got your pearl earrings.

  1. DIY pearl ring

This is another easy project which anyone can do at home. Take an aluminum wire that is around 1 mm thick and wind it 3 times around a ring mandrel. Next, thread the wire through a pearl. This will be the band.

Then it’s time to put the ring back on the mandrel. However, this time, let the wire run under the ring. Wrap it a few times around the ring until it is your desired size.

A point to keep in mind that you will need pliers for the task. And who knows, you might just fall in love with this ring once you discover that it can easily be worn with other types of rings.

  1. Knotted Pearl bracelet

This DIY pearl bracelet is super simple to create requiring just two main components—a leather strand that is 1.5mm thick and 16 pearl beads.

Begin by making a knot, add two pearls and hold them into place with another knot. From this point add a knot every few inches and put two more pearls and hold them by making a knot.

To wear the bracelet all you need to do is to tie the ends loosely around your wrists.

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