Decor When You Don’t Want to DIY

Decor When You Don’t Want to DIY

Although I write a lot about DIY, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Many house owners don’t have the time to refurbish old furniture, create their own pillow shams or artwork from scratch. Thus, I wanted to write an article that focused on a few key decor items that will take your space to the next level, without breaking the bank or leave you spending days DIY’ing.

Below are the top 5 decor items that will truly add some life to any room and can be purchased easily online, saving you even more time on your interior design efforts. You don’t have to be an interior design pro to have an amazing space. It just takes a few accents and/or pieces of decor to create the space you want.

Area Rug

It sounds simple, but an area rug can really add some character to your space. You could add something lush for a cozy feel or something modern to bring the class-factor up in your room of choice. Even if you keep your area rug very neutral in design, it still adds dimension to the room. Plus, if anything were to happen, an area rug is much easier to replace or have cleaned than carpet.

Wall Art

Whether it’s a decorative piece, framed photography or a painting on canvas, wall art is probably your most important and effective tool at creating an atmosphere in your space. Even if you have no other decor in your room, a piece of wall art will add life and vibrancy to it. Other than your actual furniture, it is probably your most important investment for the interior design of your space.


Lighting is probably one of my favorite decor topics. I’m all about creating an ambiance within a room and a lot of that is done through lighting. I like a warm ambiance in my spaces, while still being chic and modern. I create this through multiple lamps rather than a focus on overhead lighting. You can create whatever mood you’d like in a room through lighting.


I personally tend to go fairy neutral and feminine with my curtains, but I’ve seen some amazing spaces that use their curtains as a focal point. Curtains can not only add height and dimension to a room, but they can add character. Adding some funky, decorative curtains to any space can make any room more appealing. If you’re still unsure about what curtains to choose, you can check out this article on ELLE Magazine, it’s a helpful guide on curtains.

Pillows and Throws

Pillows and throws are where I go to add splashes of color to my interior spaces. I tend to keep a lot of my furniture and curtains neutral for this reason. They can also add a lot of texture to your room. I lean towards lush, soft throws that are not only super cozy, but add a little chic to my space.


I tend to keep most of my main furniture items neutral and add splashes of color and personality to my interior design through different decor items, like the ones listed above. Because of this I’m able to play around with bolder pieces and change the look of my space more often.

So, if you’re not into DIY styling and redesign, there are a lot of options for you to create a stylish space within your home or office. All it takes is a few pieces of decor to pull the room together!

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