Damaged Hair? How Root Root Hair Care Can Help Restore Hair Health

Damaged Hair? How Root Root Hair Care Can Help Restore Hair Health

Hair stories are not always glamorous. Don’t beat yourself up by what you see on TV.

The rich and famous spend impossible amounts of money maintaining the perfect ‘I woke up like this’ look—well, except for some, like Beyonce, whose natural curves, perfect eyes, and long hair, are nature’s blessings. The rest of us mere mortals have to depend on a range of products to enhance our hair shine and glow.

We spoke with Root Root Hair Care, America’s new and foremost brand, and they talked about their wholesome approach to haircare and how their products can help restore your damaged hair.

Grab a seat and some popcorn.

Tell us about the Root Root brand.

When we began the brand, we focused on creating products that actually work. It’s a commitment we made to ourselves and our customers. Intense and incredible research went into Root Root.

One of our goals is to revolutionize the hair industry by offering the most effective hair care products. And to do that, we have scientists who not only work on these products they also test them on a broad demographic range to ensure universal efficiency.

The accountability process is foremost: we ensure that our products maintain high market and industry standards—including FDA approval.

Does your product have side effects?

Not that we know of at the moment. However, there are certain periods that we advise our customers not to take Root Root hair care products—except when recommended by a medical doctor.

For example, nursing mothers or mothers who just put to bed certainly need medical advice before they can use our restorative serum or our vitality supplement. Aside from that, even the industry experts recommend Root Rooot hair care.

Which of your products work well for alopecia?

We would advise a combined use of our Recovery Serum, Multivitamin Supplement, and Boost; however, the product most suitable for alopecia is the Root Root Recovery Serum.

The Recovery Serum’s active ingredient is minoxidil, an FDA-approved chemical that helps restores hair to your scalp. Minoxidil opens up your hair follicles and redirects sufficient blood through your capillaries to your follicles and scalp.

We also have our Root Root Boost—an intensive growth serum that hydrates the scalp and improves the elasticity and strength of the hair. The intensive growth serum sinks into the scalp and locks in moisture and nutrients, allowing the hair follicles to absorb the vital nutrients needed for hair growth.

The serum also removes dead hair cells lingering within the follicles, hence freeing up the follicles and making the hair healthier.

What habits should people avoid or adopt for better growing hair?

Many habits affect the state of your health, including your hair. These habits include:

  1. Consistent smoking and drinking 
  2. Stress
  3. Hairstyles that put too much pressure on your strands
  4. Over-shampooing
  5. Overheating
  6. Bleaching and dyeing
  7. Overexposure to the sun

Lastly, ensure you eat a balanced diet for your general wellbeing and the wellbeing of your hair. You can also use Root Root Vitality or multivitamin supplement to rake up the daily vitamin and mineral requirements for your hair.


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