Check Out These Popular Interior Design Styles

Check Out These Popular Interior Design Styles

The global pandemic has really placed a damper on business, and you’ve likely had more time than you want sitting at home. On the brightside, you have plenty of time to get creative.

There’s enough time to get your hands into all the things you’ve wanted to get done over the years, and your home is a great place to start. If you’re looking for a good style to start your new interior design, take a few moments now to check out these popular styles.


It’s common for individuals to associate minimalism with a cold feeling environment, but that’s a common misconception of the design style. Think warm minimalism and combine it with simplicity, elegance, and comfort.

The fabric you choose to soften your design should be free of prints and simple. When choosing the decor for a room, think of ways it can serve a dual purpose.


Contemporary styles feature furniture, shapes, and colors that were popular in the mid 20th century. Think 1950s home design. Envision the stylish contemporary furniture you saw in your parents’ favorite family-friendly sitcoms. The trends in this design use interesting line styles and rich colors.


If you’re a big fan of Mother Nature’s design style, rustic might be the way to go. Combine the raw wood finishes of the outdoors with stone materials and leather furniture, and you’ll start seeing the bigger picture built in a rustic design.


You may not consider a themed design at first, but there’s a reason to turn your eyes towards a well-crafted coastal look. The design style features light colors, plenty of greenery, and natural materials that shone eloquently in the sun’s rays. You don’t need a big anchor to make the perfect coastal design.


Bohemian interior design aligns well with terms like vintage, exotic, and eclectic. The age-old style can easily be captured with a collection of misfit decor from flea markets around the world. Overall, you’ll feel more relaxed in a room that features a bohemian design style.


Industrial design features a more urban feel with stripped down elements, clean lines, unfinished metals, and a color scheme that’s heavy in greystones.

Industrial design is good for opening up smaller spaces and making them feel bigger. It is a bit on the masculane side of things, but there are plenty of ways to soften the space a bit if necessary.

Modern Country

If you’re looking to shift your home to a more modern country design, let your mind focus on warmth, wood, bold furniture choices, and exposed elements. Adding a brick fireplace, some bronze finishings in the kitchen, and loads of exposed wooden beams will have you well on your way to capturing that country feel.


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