Can Humidity Ruin My Clothes?

Humidity refers to the moisture level in the air. Different types of climates have different levels of humidity. Warmer climates tend to have a higher moisture level than cooler climates. Excess humidity results in moist air that can aggravate health problems like asthma. Low humidity results in dry air that can cause dry skin. Too much humidity can be a moisture problem that not only affects your overall health but also your home.

A humid environment is a breeding ground for mildew and mold growth, especially in the basement and bathroom. The humidity of your home can cause damage to your clothing if you experience a high moisture level. Controlling your indoor humidity level is key to preventing mold and mildew from ruining your clothes.

Start with a deep-dive into the closet.


Closed spaces are targets for excess moisture and water from leaks, air ducts, or windows. Examine the interior of the closet and look for any signs of moisture. A pipe with a minor leak or a poorly sealed air duct may be creating moisture in your closet space, which leads to humidity. The standard closet features a single panel wood door that closes to conceal your clothing. It’s a good idea to replace panel wood with a more breathable material that allows for better airflow. Keeping the closet door open for a few hours a day gives the space room to breathe and prevents it from getting stuffy.

Control your home’s humidity.


The key to maintaining a proper humidity level is humidity control. A dehumidifier pulls excess moisture from the air, resulting in dry air and the prevention of mildew and mold growth. It’s a good idea to use a dehumidifier in areas of your home with high humidity such as the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen. Too much moisture can ruin delicate or vintage fabrics, documents, photos, appliances, and even musical instruments.

Air conditioners work harder in warmer climates to create cool air that keeps the home comfortable. It’s not uncommon for air conditioners to create condensation and moisture that can lead to humidity. The best way to control the humidity in your home is to keep your HVAC system properly maintained. The professionals at Tica, Inc. Heating and Cooling have years of experience providing expert air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance services. Their indoor air quality solutions improve the energy efficiency of your home, ensure proper ventilation, and utilize the right air filters to prevent excess humidity, viruses, allergens, mold, and mildew that compromise your overall health.

Get rid of damp or absorbent materials.


Be careful not to store absorbent items in the closet. Things like blankets, pillows, and linens can trap humidity and create a musty smell in the closet. Don’t put items away immediately after wearing them. Give shoes and jackets the chance to air out before storing them. Never leave any damp towels or linens in the closet, and be sure that seasonal items are completely dry before being put up.

Be mindful of storing items.


Storage items like boxes, plastic tubs, and enclosed shelving units can be tempting for moisture. It’s important to use wire shelving with a gap between the wires to place storage items on. This will allow for airflow and prevent the closet from becoming a humid environment. Items placed on the floor for long periods of time can create a moisture buildup. Rotate storage items regularly and move things to different areas periodically so that you can clean the floors and shelving to remove any moisture.

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Maintaining the right humidity level in your home is essential for the life of your clothing and your overall health.


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