Best Family and Kids Travel Destinations

Best Family and Kids Travel Destinations

Best Family and Kids Travel Destinations

Traveling plays vital role in creating memories all over the world. Ibn Batuta, a famous explorer and scholar advocates that traveling is something that first leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller. Traveling can give you an amazing experience of your life which would stay in your memories forever. Therefore, it is imperative to explore fabulous destinations in this world with your kids and family at least once every year.

In order to make your work easy, we have listed few of the best family and kids travel destinations that would make your vacation extremely wonderful. Bon Voyage!

#1: Orlando’s Walt Disney World

Disney World is the number one destination to spend your vacation. It is located in Florida and offers number of remarkable interactive rides, tourist and magical attractions, spectacular performances, and so much more. Although the resort is totally based on the Walt Disney theme which is extremely adored by kids. I along with millions of others personally believe that people from all ages can have great fun over there. The resort comprises of four theme parks which collectively covers the area of approximately 47 square-miles.

#2: Arizona’s Grand Canyon

This steep-sided canyon is the best place to get astounded by the natural carvings forming distinguished layers of red rock covering 10 miles crossways and 277 mile deep. This fantastic location is the part of a North America’s Arizona and is mostly covered with a national park consisting of spectacular Colorado River. This budget-friendly destination also offers you to actively participate in activities such as hiking, rafting, kayaking, and traveling through the Grand Canyon Railway making the overall trip exceptional and enjoyable.

#3: Alaska’s Un-Cruise Adventures

The list of the best family and kids travel destinations is incomplete without the inclusion of adventurous sites. If you and your family would love to get adventurous and make your upcoming vacation exciting and thrilling between the jaw-dropping landscapes, huge glaciers, epic sea and wildlife then visiting Alaska is just the right option for you. Un-Cruise experience through the fields of Alaska will completely change the way you see the world. Your entire family will get to experience the unique life on river cruises. Kids above eight years of age are recommended to go for this and earn memories for lifetime.

#4: Thailand’s Phra Nang Beach Railay

One of the best family and kids travel destinations include Phra Nang Beach, named after the Princess Phra Nang. Spending your vacation in the Southeast Asian Country is itself a magnificent and a unique experience. Thailand is known for its tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, and spectacular temples.

Looking at the ornate temples and the statues of Buddha will help your kids relate to the pictures and stories discussed in their History books. Also, Phra Nang Beach Railay would be quite different experience for the kids and family compared to their visit to other beaches in the world. This is because the beach not only offers exquisite landscape for viewing but also the access to various historical caves along the beach and inside the water which can be very exhilarating for the older kids.

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