Autumn/Winter Beauty Trend Favourites From 2017

Autumn/Winter Beauty Trend Favourites From 2017

Autumn/Winter is finally here with us, and for all the fashion enthusiasts out there, this means that the time has arrived to switch from the usual summer glows to the dark hues and all other relevant products that make up the ideal autumn and winter looks.


It is also important to note that as the season’s change, it is not only our wardrobes that require alterations, but also finding ways to revitalise our skin, our make-up and general appearance. With that said, it would probably be a good idea that you acquaint yourself with some of the upcoming season’s trends especially as a professional. This will not only help you to remain stylish and up to date with the current trends during the cold season, but also help to ensure you do not miss a thing when it comes to fashion.

Autumn/Winter beauty trend favourites from 2017:

  1. Lips• Perfectly Kissed LipsDespite the fact that bold lips are a renowned trend for autumn and winter, this year you can try switching things up by applying your favorite lipstick in a different way. Ditch the lip liner and brushes typically used for a full-proof application and go for the more roughly applied or bold with finger tips look.  To show you just how trendy the bold, perfectly kissed lips look is, dozens of models have been seen gracing it on the catwalks of Prada and Giambattista Vailli. These big fashion houses used strong, deep colours to create that ‘just-been-kissed’ tone. The main components for getting this trend right is applying the perfect amount of coverage at the centre of the lips, and then proceed to create diffused edges capable of showing that ‘worn-in colour’ appearance.2. Hair• Cool-Girl Hair

    Cool girl hair that is gently tousled is something typically seen on the catwalks of various fashion extravaganzas; however, for this autumn/winter season, it has become a little bit more prominent, all thanks to Sam McKnight, who showcased his eponymous hair-styling range backstage during various shows, with one of them being a texturising spritz referred to as cool girl.

    3. Eyes

    • Extreme Lashes

    It might be hard for some to believe, but the well known, mega-volume, 60s era eyelashes, popularly referred to as the Twiggy styles are making a comeback this autumn/winter season. One such clear indication of this trend can be seen on the runways, where fashion enthusiasts are regularly treated to a significant influx of clumpy, oversized lashes, and all with vibrant colours. From this status quo, we can conclude that there is no possible way of taming extreme eyelashes this season.

    4. Nails

    • Statement Mani

    When it comes to nails, the statement manicure is becoming a major trend for the autumn/winter 2017 season. They include anything from checkerboard nails, chainmail accessories, to crystal-studded talons. As a professional, it is important to have all the proper tools you need to achieve these looks and to provide the best service possible to your customers. Ellisons has a large variety of beauty kits needed to achieve that desired look.

    5. Skin

    • Groomed minimalism

    For this year’s autumn/winter season, one of the other notable trends is the groomed minimalism look, which basically focuses on glowing skin. Despite being popular during other seasons, this time round the look has evolved somewhat into an appearance that is more sophisticated. During previous seasons, people preferred the raw and bare look, but this year, it is all about focusing on the finishing touches and a subtly groomed appearance. A significant number of people are taking a special liking to this particular look, which is to be understood when you think how beautiful one looks when their skin is glowing.


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