Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint What is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?

Developed by Annie Sloan, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® is a decorative paint that has been around for more than two decades.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a favorite because using it means foregoing all the prepping procedures, such as sanding or priming. Another advantage that this paint has over many others is that it is for both indoors or outdoors. It can also be applied to just about any surface with ease.


Which Colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Are Available?

To find out which colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, you can visit the company website or look at the list of colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint below:

  • Original
  • Paris Grey
  • Graphite
  • Emperor’s Silk
  • Antoinette
  • Honfleur
  • Paloma
  • Napoleonic Blue
  • Louis Blue
  • Aubusson Blue
  • Duck Egg Blue
  • Amsterdam Green
  • Olive
  • Château Grey
  • English Yellow
  • Old Ochre
  • Emile
  • Burgundy
  • Scandinavian Pink
  • Primer Red
  • Coco
  • Henrietta
  • Old Violet
  • Greek Blue
  • Giverny
  • Provence
  • Florence
  • Antibes Green
  • Versailles
  • Country Grey
  • Cream
  • Arles
  • Barcelona Orange
  • Pure
  • Old White
  • French Linen


What do People Use it Chalk Paint for?

Here are some uses for chalk paint:

  1. You can use this chalk paintto build your own spice rack because you can paint the bottles with it, so that you never get the spices mixed.
  2. The chalk paintcan also be used to make tags that you can give away as gifts, offer as party favors, or to label things, such as dips and drinks at parties.
  3. Paint a matchbox with this paint and use it for different purposes. We especially love painting those boxes to write puns on them and giving them away as gifts.
  4. Don’t throw old furniture, such as tables and chairs away. Use the paint to give them a new look and you will never lose the memories associated with them!
  5. Chalkboard paint can also be used to paint old and outdated looking fridges.
  6. You can also make wine charms with the help of this paint. Grab a wine bottle and apply paint to one side. Then label the wine with a chalk by writing on the painted part.
  7. If you are throwing a party and don’t want your guests to forget which drink is theirs, then make adorable decals with the help of chalkboard paint.
  8. Remember the spice rack that you designed with chalkboard paint? Add another dimension to it by gluing magnets to the back of the bottles!
  9. Love washi tape but can’t seem to find one with the pattern that you need? No more washi tape hunting for you because now, you can make your own washi tape with chalkboard paint.
  10. Cover a box with this paint, using the paint layer as a substitute for wrapping paper. The best part about this kind of wrapping paper is that it can be used again!

We hope you enjoyed this article and are ready to grab a can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and do some painting of your own!

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