A Guide to the Breast Biopsy in Los Angeles

A Guide to the Breast Biopsy in Los Angeles

A lot of people think that a breast biopsy in Los Angeles is only for breast cancer. In reality, however, a biopsy is a type of examination that is used to determine what is going on in the tissue, and that can be a myriad of things besides breast cancer. That said, it is always the concern at the back of people’s minds.

The Breast Biopsy in Los Angeles

Women should commit to completing a regular breast self-examination. This is when women can find out whether there is any change in their breast. Perhaps it looks or feels different, perhaps they have lumps, or perhaps there is discharge from the nipple. Other concerning issues include nipple inversion or retraction, lumps in the armpits, scaly or red breast skin, breast pain, and nipple itching. If any of those signs are present, it is important to seek medical advice and a physician will then determine whether or not a biopsy is needed. They will perform a palpitation of the breast and they may also order an MRI or ultrasound, or perhaps even a mammography. If, on any of those issues, abnormal tissue is found, then they may recommend a biopsy.

What Is a Biopsy?

A biopsy is a medical procedure for which sample tissue or cells are removed from a suspicious area, which are then microscopically examined. A biopsy can be completed on any tissue or cell, anywhere in the body. A breast biopsy, therefore, is simply a biopsy completed on tissue taking from the breast. Taking the tissue is generally minimally invasive, meaning someone doesn’t have to go under general anesthetic. Instead, tissue samples are taken from the suspicious site using a needle. If the lump is very obvious, it may be taken out completely, which is done in a lumpectomy.

If surgery is necessary, then a full incision will be made. Generally, however, a breast needle biopsy, a vacuum assisted biopsy, or a fine needle aspiration biopsy is preferred as it is less traumatic. These procedures are usually completed in a hospital rather than physician’s office. When the biopsy is examined, it can be determined whether or not cancer is present and, if so, what stage it is in and whether any metastasis has already occurred.

In a fine or core needle aspiration, a hollow needle is used to remove tissue. With a core needle, the needle is thick and hollow. With a vacuum aided biopsy, a physician inserts a probe using ultrasound or an MRI, and the tissue is then vacuumed out. This is generally done under local anesthetic. It is a safe procedure with minimal chance of complications.

Unfortunately, breast cancer is still one of the leading forms of cancer in women, and it continues to be a very lethal form of cancer. Raising awareness among young girls so they can perform self-examinations from a young age is the best way to prevent these unnecessary deaths. The sooner a biopsy can be performed to confirm or rule out cancer, the better.

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