A Few Small Easter Gift Ideas

A Few Small Easter Gift Ideas

A great time for celebrations, Easter is a holiday that takes place in arguably the best time of the year. Flowers are blooming, the sun’s shining even more, and everyone starts talking about their upcoming summer holiday. And like most other holidays of the year, Easter is also perfect for gifting presents to all of our loved ones, even if they don’t particularly celebrate Easter with full enthusiasm. The gifts themselves don’t have to be something grand because sometimes the gesture is all that’s important.

Bowl-planted flower

A gift so simple it can almost be described as lazy, it can be an excellent present for the person that enjoys flowers. Consider taking a regular Easter Lily and plant in a normal ceramic bowl. That’s practically the entire gift. However, you might want to personalise it a bit more, either by painting the bowl in various colour – if you want to go for a more designer look – or by including a ribbon or two for a bit more joyous expression.

Table Cards

If you’re having guests over for a lovely Easter meal, a great way to spruce up an Easter table is by arranging personalised table cards. If the seating’s pre-planned, then you can use them to mark everyone’s seat at the table, and they can look wonderful as Easter decorations. You can use different types of prints, like full names, or a name with a picture of an Easter bunny next to it. For every person, there is a different bunny, of course, and at the end, the guests keep the card as a nice symbolic gesture.

Easter Baskets

What better way to show off your love than by cramming different sorts of gifts into one larger gift package? You don’t have to stock it with overly expensive sweets or toys, but rather go for a more casual approach where you fill it the things you know the recipients will enjoy. It might sound more difficult than it already is but finding the right sweets and chocolates shouldn’t be so hard, especially if your loved ones enjoy eating sweets.

A personalised present

There are many variants which you could use to create your own custom present that does not fall into any certain category. It can be a DIY gift like stickers and books, or maybe even a notepad. The idea is that the gesture is much more important than the present itself because the sentimentality behind the present is the one that stays with us the most. Make sure to check out all the Easter craft kits over at The Works, as you never know exactly what you might need when creating the best possible gift for your loved ones.

Film Tickets

Something that seems obvious after it’s stated, many people would love to receive film tickets as gifts. Of course, it’s usually best if they’re for people that you’ll be going together to see the film with, but even on occasions where that’s not the case, they can be ideal gifts for people that prefer the more practical side of a gift.

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