7 Practical Tips on Creating a Signature Personal Style

7 Practical Tips on Creating a Signature Personal Style

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Every person has a sense of style and fashion that’s an extension of their personalities. Can you imagine Billy Porter or Lady Gaga showing up on the red carpet without their dramatic outfits? No, right? That’s because they are used to rocking a specific look that represents them. Personal style in the world of fashion refers to an individual’s way of expressing themselves through their choice of clothes, accessories, and even hairstyles. Want to know how you can create a perfectly appealing signature personal style? Then keep on reading!

  • Choose according to your body type

Knowing your body is key to discovering your personal style. You automatically cultivate a personal style that highlights your best features when you dress according to your body type. For instance, apple-shaped bodies have most of the weight concentrated above the hips. So, you can go for clothes with deep V necklines and dramatic slits to highlight your gorgeous legs and create the illusion of an elongated torso. It would help if you went for ruffled tops, boat necks, A-line skirts, and fitted jeans to accentuate your curves for pear body shape.

  • Invest in the basics

Effortless looks are a vital part of one’s personal style, which is why a wardrobe full of basic pieces is crucial. Investing in pieces like an LBD, white tees, leather jacket, ankle boots, etc., will help you come up with effortless looks every day.

Your basics should complement your body size; for instance, squeezing your gorgeous curves against skintight jeans is a terrible idea. If you are a curvy lady, invest in plus size jeans for women as they will elevate your personal style. It will also encourage you to create a wide variety of attractive outfit combinations. Remember, simple items can help create a solid foundation for fancier pieces.

  • Incorporate a signature piece

When it comes to your signature style, you need to stand out. If you want your outfits to be distinctive, incorporate a signature piece. It could be anything; a designer scarf, unique shoes, or a type of accessory.

For instance, a couple of statement diamond studs, sunglasses, and even a statement blazer can elevate your style and help you nail your signature look. You can even make a color or pattern your defining elements, such as seasonal prints or trendy lipstick. The rule here is to stick with that piece, no matter the choice of clothing!

  • Make accessories part of your style

Accessories are essential to your outfit, no matter how subtle they are. Jewelry, shoes, nail art, hats, scarves, etc., bring the look together. You can add your own flair to a simple piece of clothing by using the right accessories.

For instance, you can use a statement belt every time you wear oversized clothes or keep a pair of subtle hoops as your go-to jewelry when attending corporate events. It’s all in what you wear and how you accessorize that defines your style.

  • Take inspiration from fashionistas

Are you a fan of the Kardashian’s body-squeezing latex dresses, or do you want to look as dope as Hailey Bieber? When it comes to finding your personal style, it will help to take inspiration from your favorite celebrities and fashion icons. You can look at the celebrities you adore and learn what makes their style click. Fashionistas who echo your style are naturally appealing to you, which makes it easier for you to draw inspiration from their looks.

  • Play with layers

The importance of layers cannot be underestimated, especially in chilly weather. Layers can help you identify your style’s dominant traits, whether you love to show your skin or you are the “the more layers, the better” type.

You can mix and match styles to create your own style. For instance, you are going for a sexy look but also want to flaunt a beautiful outwear; combine a trendy trench coat with a pair of short, knee-high boots and a knitted top.

It’s all about being creative and combining what works best for your personality.

  • Let your outfits speak for you

Why do we put so much time and effort into our outfits? Our goal is to look our best, and that can only be achieved if we wear clothes that make us feel good and confident. Finding your signature style is about being comfortable expressing yourself as much as wearing trendy clothing.

Your personal style should reflect your unique personality traits. Don’t look unnatural by simply following the season’s fashion; instead, find clothes that speak to your personality. Are you a happy-go-lucky type? Try floral maxi dresses or chiffon ruffle tops to show how outgoing you are. Do you have a secret goth girl in you? Then rock boho-chic looks with subtle gothic pieces to complement that part of your personality.


Fashion and style define your personality and express your most prominent traits. As long as you know who you are, finding your signature style is easy. Choose outfits that fit your personality and have colors and patterns that stand out. While you can take inspiration from fashion icons, never ignore your instincts.


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