7 great reasons to visit a physiotherapist

7 great reasons to visit a physiotherapist



More and more people are looking to use their leisure time by looking to get fit. It may be through playing team sports, going solo or heading to the gym. Cycling has become popular with specialist bike lanes and tracks in parks being constructed.

Fortunately, injuries are rare, but the exercise still puts strains on the body, often unseen, which materialise as something of a mystery. The best way to ensure that you remain in tip top condition is by treating yourself to physio.

Here are 7 great reasons to benefit from doing so.

1. Reduce pain. Nobody likes feeling pain. Visiting a physiotherapist will rid you of it naturally without the use of painkilling drugs. Modern technology and up to date equipment can treat patients to have them feeling pain free and able to perform at their best again.

2. Managing and preventing injuries. Physiotherapy is important in the recovery of injuries with experts having participants back in action in the quickest possible time. Likewise, heading for physio as soon as a strain or condition starts offering concern will prevent it getting worse and allow continued play rather than sitting on the sidelines.

3. Improve mental health. Mental health concern is at record levels, but not many know that a visit to a physio makes perfect sense in its prevention. If you feel happy and good in your body, you will relieve yourself of stress and go about your daily life with confidence. Other advice for taking care of your mental health is also widely available.

4. Dealing with conditions caused by age. For elders, many conditions are unavoidable, but ailments such as neck pain, back pain, knee replacement recovery, osteoporosis, sciatica, and rheumatoid arthritis can be eased by visiting a physiotherapist.

5. Post operative care. Physio is a great way to alleviate pain following surgery, which can include pain management, increasing strength and mobility. Treatment and the building of confidence by an expert can further improve balance, strength, and advice to prevent further injury. A list of goals can be drawn up to encourage the patient to assist with their own recovery.

6. The avoiding of surgery. It might be that a visit to a qualified physio may be able to prevent the need for surgery as they are qualified to make a diagnosis. Nobody wants to have surgery, with the stress and long-term recuperation involved. Preventative treatment by managing and treating at an early stage of an ailment can prevent a stay in hospital. Maybe some light exercise riding a bicycle might be one of the suggestions on offer.

7. Help with heart conditions and lung capacity. Experienced physiotherapists will offer special programmes in breathing exercises to help extend the lungs and blood flow around the body. Those suffering from diabetes will benefit greatly from physio treatment as pain management helps with controlling sugar levels, which in turn will assist the condition of the heart.

Save pain, time and improve your life by making an appointment with a physio today.


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