5 Ways to Spruce up Your Home This Winter

5 Ways to Spruce up Your Home This Winter

Greet the holiday season with the traditional reds and greens, or pay homage to winter with white and gold! If you are pondering the perfect look for your home this season, let us help. We have a list of the latest design trends to transform your home in the spirit of the season of good cheer.

Colours Of Happiness

If, like us, you can’t bear to see any more of millennial pink and rose gold, go with the trends of the season and go dark and bold. A colour palette ranging from dark green to emerald and teal is predicted to be poised for its day in the sun. If you don’t want to go all out with a striking green accent wall, just add a plush reading chair in green velvet to your living room. If white is your colour of the season, offset it with grey drapes and cushions or black vases and candle holders for that perfect chic home make over.

Play up The Light

What winter lacks in sunshine and you can make up for that with some warm lighting for your home. Place brass-rimmed mirrors on free walls or above mantelpieces where they can catch the light and brighten your home. Replace some of your white light bulbs with warm ones. And place candles wherever you can for that perfect glow of the season.

Layers Of Warmth

Just like your winter wardrobe, this is the season where your home can also do with some layering. This is the time to splurge on bright throws and rugs for your sofas and chairs. Add slipcovers to your dining chairs to completely transform the room. Thick drapes in jewel tones on the windows; DIY pillow covers and your fanciest quilts for the bed, every inch of the home spells warmth and happiness.

Get Creative With Seating Arrangements

This season, the most comfortable chairs find their way to the side of the fireplace. This gives you the excuse you need to try and change other settings too. Smaller, cosier, more informal seating arrangements with plush rugs defining and delineating each space would be a great way to give your home a new look this season.

Doff a Hat to Tradition

Winter decor is never complete without green wreaths on the front door, pine cones and walnuts in crystal bowls on the coffee table and candles in glass holders. Make a difference with snowflake place mats on the table. Bring a whiff of the season into your home with potpourris that give out the enchanting scents of pine needles, cinnamon and vanilla.

Ring in The New -If you want your decor to outlive the season, invest in floral or geometric print wallpaper that is predicted to be the biggest decor trend of 2018.

Finally – and most importantly for any season – wrap your home in the security of a home insurance. If you don’t have one already, now is the apt time to make sure your sense of security is not threatened by fire or any other calamity. Home insurance cannot ensure that no damage occurs to your home but with Chill Insurance we can ensure that you get to move on and rebuild your life.

This festive season, let happiness find a safe and beautiful home in yours! Chill Insurance has been kind enough to share their Winter Interior eBook with us – check it out through the link below! #InteriorInspirations

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