5 Tips for Transforming Your Home Into a Sanctuary

5 Tips for Transforming Your Home Into a Sanctuary

Do you feel at peace when you’re at home? Are you the most relaxed in your personal space? There’s so much to stress and worry about in the world outside. So, it’s essential for your home to feel like a sanctuary away from all of this. With people in the United States spending more time at home, your home should be the perfect space.

Whether it’s a single-family home, a condo, or a log cabin in the mountains—your home should be your sanctuary. It is a challenge to find peace in a house filled with clutter, clunky décor and chipped paint. However, a new paint job and updated amenities are not the only way to create a soothing space. Here’s what else you can do to turn your home around.

Add a creative flourish.


A few creative flourishes can take your home from bland to glam in no time. And, engaging in a creative project yourself will be fun too. If you have an artist’s eye, consider painting directly on one of your bedroom walls. Or, buy canvases and acrylic paint and try your hand at different painting techniques. If you have an area in need of repair but can’t afford to re-paint it, hang a larger painting to cover up imperfections. Add your favorite quotes or posters as wall décor to transform your space into a personal sanctuary.

You can also try smaller touches like pretty flowers in the living room. Add a diffuser or scented candles to your dresses. Scour thrift shops and online websites for good deals on décor and knick-knacks. You can display pretty china on floating shelves in your kitchen. Or, build a curio case in your living room. You can also look to artists to help pretty up your space. Check out brands like PaintLoose, where you can buy art supplies and paintings. You can get art kits to put your creative touch to your area. Or, pick a professionally painted picture instead.

Clear the clutter.

Do you have items strewn on the floor and clothes piling up in the laundry bin? Do you have more belongings than space to put them? Clutter can affect your mental health in a variety of ways. For your home to feel like a sanctuary, the first thing to do is clear the clutter.

Cleaning up is a good step, but it’s not enough. Also, get rid of things you don’t need or never use. There’s no need to pick the Marie Kondo way for your entire space, but you can use some of her decluttering methods. Try one of her most popular tips—get rid of an item if it no longer brings you joy. It can be hard to get rid of things if you’ve had them for a while. However, the transformation your home will see will be worth the temporary heartbreak.

Update your interiors.


Do you remember the last time you redecorated your home? Doing all you can to make your living quarters a dream home is the best way to create a sanctuary for yourself. You don’t have to change too much. Start with one room, depending on your budget. You can re-do your bedroom or get full baths installed in your bathroom.

Even small renovations can turn your space around. Add wood floors or install log cabin features in a city home. Install French Windows for extra light, or put crown moldings on your ceiling. Add in fancy fixtures or update your cabinets. Or give your favorite room a fresh coat of paint.

Consider your surroundings.

You don’t always need a significant revamp to open your home up a little. Focus on the furnishings, or add an accent wall with pretty wallpaper to make it feel homely. Add new pillows to a sofa or change your bed linen. If you live with people, build a workspace, so you have a little sanctuary within the shared space. Even a small reading station will make a big difference.

When looking for a new home, make the right choice from the start. If you’re trying to escape city life and you’re in the United States, think of a mountain log cabin. Look for a real estate listing in a region like North Carolina. If you’re retired, you can invest in a mountain log cabin located close to or on a mountaintop. There’s nothing quite as serene as a home amid nature—even long-range mountain views are better than none at all. Invest in real estate from a trusted company like Blowing Rock NC real estate. They can help you find a desirable log home or log cabin that is truly a sanctuary.

You can even invest in land to build your own dream home. When you buy real estate, don’t just look at the exteriors. Make sure you get detailed information about the house before you pick your real estate. This way, you can ensure the property you choose is a soothing space from the get-go.

Create a personal space.


For your home to feel like a sanctuary, it has to feel like it’s truly yours. If you want a space to feel more like your own—add personal touches to your décor. It can help make it feel like a sanctuary, even if it’s a rental. It’s usually pretty easy to do this, even in a small space. Add a string of photo clip lights and adorn your walls with your favorite family photos.

Or, print out a collage of pictures and hang it over your bed or in your living room. Bring pieces from your childhood home to your new home, so your space feels more personalized. Whether it’s as big as a bed or as small as a clock—it will make a difference.

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