5 Things to Know Before Choosing A Storage Company

5 Things to Know Before Choosing A Storage Company

There are a lot of different storage companies and units for sale out in the world, and not all of them are created equally. In order to ensure that your items are protected from theft, damaged, and can be securely left in the unit without worry, you need to ask a few questions about what type of unit you are renting.

Not asking the correct questions can lead to some serious problems that can put your stuff at risk, and no one wants that. So, take a look at these questions and ensure you ask them before signing off on the new storage unit.

Ask for a range of sizes

Storage unit size is something everyone needs to get right. If the storage unit is too small, then your items won’t fit and you’ll have to pay more for an upgrade. If it is too big, then you’ll have a ton of extra space that you aren’t using to pay for. In addition, that space can spawn mold and homes for animals, both things that can cause problems for your stuff.

Take an inventory of the items you want to use in the unit, as well as their measurements and what you will be storing them in. Bring that with you when looking for a unit and ask around for one that can fit the items you need it too.

Look at what’s around

Another question to ask is about security, and this one can be answered by your eyes alone. Take a look at the fencing, locking mechanisms for each unit, any on-site security or cameras. The more of those things you see, the better secured the place is.

Ask for a reasonable price

Often, getting the lowest price for storage units Milpitas can be great, but getting a low price can also be an indicator of quality as well. So before jumping at the lowest price available, take the time to consider your other options. Paying a little bit more with a storage unit can often equate to more protection for your stuff.

Be ready with insurance

No matter how secure the items you have are in the unit facility, something bad could happen. Storage units will either ask to see your insurance or will have you purchase one of their policies before they let you store your items.

Ask about their insurance policy and what it covers, and then compare it to your own policy to get the best deal. That way, when something bad does happen you are completely covered against it.

Keep common sense

Keeping your common sense and the questions at the forefront of your mind as you go through storage units will help you make an informed decision about the type of unit to buy. Ask your questions and seek straight answers, and then withdraw to consider those answers before you make a purchase. If you take the time, you’ll get an amazing storage unit that will keep your items safe.

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