5 Things To Expect After Having a Baby

5 Things To Expect After Having a Baby

You’ve finally made it 40 weeks later! After months and months of pregnancy and anticipation for your little one, it’s not time to transition into motherhood. Along with the joy and excitement of being a new mother, however, also comes plenty of challenges and transformations that you may not have expected. In order to have a positive postpartum experience, it’s important to know some of the most common things to anticipate.

Regardless of how you give birth, there will be a recovery period that requires some amount of adjustment. Here are some things you can expect to come up during that recovery time.

Your Body Will Be Different

It’s normal to have mixed emotions about the way that your body has changed. Your breasts will be larger, and possibly quite achy. Your uterus will still be quite large, and you may have stretch marks.

Pregnancy can transform your body into one that you don’t even recognize anymore. For this reason, many people may turn to surgery, while others learn to accept the changes they see. Be patient your body, and remember that any changes you see that you may not be happy about are well worth it when you look down at the baby in your arms.

Your Emotions May Go Up And Down

Your body has a significant dip in hormones the minute that you give birth. You may feel extreme mood swings that can change at any minute. One moment you may feel euphoric and excited, and the next, you may be crying over a commercial.

The emotional ups and downs that follow giving birth are often easier to deal with if you know that you should expect them. Be kind to yourself and practice self-care. By being gentle with yourself and providing yourself with the tools you need to make a recovery, you’ll have a much better grip on your mood swings.

Don’t Throw Away Your Pregnancy Jeans Just Yet

One of the biggest misconceptions about childbirth is that people believe they’ll have their baby and immediately bounce back to their pre-pregnancy clothes. Not so fast! Some women don’t fit into non-maternity pants for as many as six months following giving birth. Not every woman is the same. You may fit into your old pants as early as a month after giving birth, or a year! There is no exact timeline that applies to everyone.

You Will Be Exhausted The First Few Weeks

Although you may be on cloud nine following your baby’s birth, you’ll also be exhausted. Babies don’t come out of the womb with the same sleep habits as adults. They’ll wake up every one to three hours, and expect to feed regularly. Be ready to be exhausted for at least a few weeks, if not months!


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