5 Mistakes Tech Can Help You Avoid When Dating Online

If you’re venturing into the realm of online dating, you’ve likely got a lot on your mind. Of course, you’ll want to find a potential boyfriend or girlfriend to spend your time with, but you may have to kiss a few frogs first in the process. In order to avoid wasting your time on too many bad online dates, here are a few ways tech can make dating online much easier.

Take a great picture.

If you want to make a good impression, you’ll need to do better than a webcam photo. Thankfully, smartphone cameras are increasing their capabilities, so it’s easier than ever to capture a great photo of you for your profile. If you have a newer iPhone or Android, make sure to look into different portrait modes, since these sorts of settings can get you a professional-looking result in no time at all.

Find someone with similar interests by using theTundra.

Don’t you hate it when you head into a date only to find out in the first few minutes of chatting that you don’t have anything in common? If you meet someone online using a dating app, you may not always have success when it comes to sharing hobbies. That being said, a social networking website like theTundra can help you find communities that share similar interests to you. From board games to sports, it’s easier than ever to connect with someone who you actually share some interests with.

Make sure you don’t get catfished.

The last thing you want when you’re meeting someone online is to find out the person you’ve fallen for is pretending to be someone they’re not. Even with documentaries and television shows being made about catfishing, it’s still possible to happen. Using a fast people search can help you know that someone is who they say they are, by letting you look up someone by their first or last name as well as their phone number. Not only will this sort of search reveal whether or not someone is telling the truth, but you’ll also learn whether or not your date has a criminal background or mugshots. This can give you the peace of mind to go into your date with confidence.

Get help writing your dating profile copy.

If you’re not the strongest writer, you may be struggling to put your best foot forward on your dating profile. What you say about yourself is just as important to someone’s first impression of you as your photo, so it’s crucial that you craft this information in a positive way. Believe it or not, websites like Profile Pimpers can help you overcome this struggle. With services to help with message ideas as well as about bios, you’re sure to get the help you need from a business like Profile Pimpers.

Learn from others’ mistakes.

If you haven’t dated online before, it’s a good idea to get some insight into what to be on the lookout for. Talking to any friends who’ve dealt with the online dating scene is a great place to start since you know that your friends will always tell it how it is. That being said, there are some situations when your friends haven’t tried online dating before. What do you do then? Just head to your favorite search engine and look up “online dating horror stories.” These real-life tales run the gamut from cringeworthy to truly terrible and can give you a look into what could go wrong on your dates. Best of all, if you’ve had a lackluster date, you can always turn to these stories for solace. At least it wasn’t that bad!

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