4 Tips For Making Your Living Room Look Bigger

4 Tips For Making Your Living Room Look Bigger

When you live in a small home, every square inch counts. It’s essential to make the most use out of your space whenever possible. Your living room, in particular, is advantageous to create the illusion of being bigger since its where you receive your guests and spend your social time. Making your guests feel cramped isn’t very welcoming.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best tips for making your living room look bigger, putting you and your friends at ease.

Plenty Of Light

The absence of light makes a room close in on itself. When a room is well lit, it has the illusion of being much more spacious. The more light that you can allow to enter your living room, the better.

If you live in a warm location, it may not be an option to let the sunbeam in full blast all day long without overheating your home. Therefore, you may want to opt for window shades that allow just enough light in to create the illusion of space, without permitting too much sun to take over.

Use The Right Color Palette

Just as actual light can give the illusion of more space, so can light colors. When choosing the color palette for your living room, choose light and bright. Not only will it increase your sense of space, but it will also boost your mood.

Dark colors can give your living space a sense of doom and gloom, absorbing any of the sunshine coming through your windows. More than anything, dark colors make your room look smaller than you want!


As a general rule of thumb, the more stuff that you have in a room, the less space it will have. Try to eliminate your clutter, and you’ll immediately have a greater sense of spaciousness. Arrange your furniture so that you have enough room to move around or do what i do and rent a cheap storage unit to store your items.

When there’s too much going on, your living room will feel crowded, which is the opposite thing we’re looking to do.

Clutter doesn’t just mean mail on your tables, or clothing sprawled over a chair, either. Clutter can also mean artwork and décor. Try to limit the number of decorations that you have spread around your home. When things get too busy, you’ll start to feel boxed in.

Use Mirrors

One of the best-kept interior design secrets is using mirrors as a way to create depth in a room. Mirrors not only reflect more of the room around but also bounce light, make it get even bigger with each reflection.

The bigger the mirrors, the better. There’s no limit to how many you can get away with!

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