4 Tips for Finding an Apartment in Los Angeles

4 Tips for Finding an Apartment in Los Angeles

Los Angeles— home to Hollywood and big dreams. A place where thousands of people relocate every year to pursue their aspirations to be the next big “thing” For some it’s being a pop star, while for others it’s becoming the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Even outside of showbiz, Los Angeles promises big dreams to many.

For this reason, finding a place to live in this sprawling metropolis of people just as determined as you can be nothing short of a challenge. Besides the conundrum of supply and demand, you should also know what neighborhoods to steer away from. To help you navigate the often challenging process, here are some of the most useful tips for finding an apartment in Los Angeles.

Narrow Down Your Deal Breakers

Unless you’re already earning a handsome salary then you’re going to have to accept that you can’t have everything in the early stages of your LA life. So, make a list of your deal breakers alongside a list of things you don’t necessarily need. For example, for some people living on the ground floor is a must, while for others having a working air conditioner is the most important. Knowing your priorities will help you narrow your search instead of sifting through a pool of options that will never do.

Know Your Neighborhoods

On one side of Los Angeles you’ve got glitz and glamor, yet, make no mistake about it— Los Angeles has a dark underbelly. Knowing where you should and shouldn’t go is important if you hope to stay safeespecially if you’re a female.

Some neighborhoods in Los Angeles are so violent that the police steer clear of them. With some of the most intense gang activity in the country, Los Angeles crime is nothing to be taken lightly. So, know where you should and shouldn’t go.

Know Your Budget

Another way to weed out unnecessary search results is to set a clear budget. Obviously, some rent prices aren’t going to be realistic for your current budget, so don’t even bother looking at those. As much as you might like to believe that you’ll be able to afford a high price “soon” once you make your big break, you shouldn’t count on money you don’t have yet.

Above all, don’t let the temptation of living in a trendy area push you to spend more than you can afford. The only way you can sustain a stable lifestyle is by balancing your needs with your desires. If one is out of balance the entire ship will sink!

Consider Proximity

Remember— Los Angeles is a goliath of a city with some of the most impressive traffic in the nation. Always consider how far your apartment would be from where you work. If you don’t have a car, then you definitely want something within walking distance if you can, because public transportation in Los Angeles is less than impressive!


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