4 Parts That Wear Out on Older Garage Doors

4 Parts That Wear Out on Older Garage Doors

Garage door systems come with several parts that work together to make it easier to open, close, and secure the garage door. The various garage door parts can wear out over time as all other mechanical parts do. The wear on some of these parts will be noticeable but not obvious in others. This article will look at the parts that wear out the most in older garage doors, so you know what to check when doing your inspections.


The springs in your garage door are meant to make opening and closing the garage door easier. However, springs lose their resilience as they are used and get older. Older springs can present several issues. First, they make it harder to open and close the garage door. Second, they can be very dangerous if they break while under tension. Such springs can cause serious injury, and this is why you or a qualified technician should inspect them regularly.

The Motor and Gear

If you have an automatic garage door, one of the parts that wears out is the motor. The motor can wear out for a few reasons. The most common is because the motor has been operating for so long that the gears inside the unit are stripped. The most common indicator for this problem is the motor running without lighting the door.

The other reason is an imbalanced garage door. If it’s not perfectly vertical, it can strain the motor and cause it to wear out prematurely. If you have any difficulties opening or closing the garage door, the motor could be the culprit. Do not attempt to repair the motor yourself, but instead, call a garage door specialist.

Garage door specialists like Zettler Openers have several engineers on their roster who can help with all garage door motor repairs. These technicians, who are always available 24/7, also handle cable repair, opener repair, and general garage door repairs. Homeowners who opt for a new garage door can also call Zettler Openers to install the new door for them.


The cables connect the bottom brackets on the garage door to the springs to open and close it. As with springs, these cables can wear out because they are in tension and compression all the time. Frayed or worn cables are always at risk of breaking, which can cause serious injuries. Because of the tension and compression on the springs, which causes the same in the cables, worn cables should only be replaced by a qualified and experienced technician.

Roller Bearings

The rollers lie on the track to guide the door as it goes up or down. Because they move so often, they get worn over time and can cause the door to stop working as expected. If the rollers are not operating as they should, they should be checked and repaired or replaced as necessary.

Garage doors, especially automatic garage doors, have many moving parts that can all wear out. In addition to making operating the door more difficult, some parts like the springs and cables can be dangerous if they break. Regular inspections and necessary repairs will stop this from happening.

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