3 Tips For Choosing The Right Paint Color For Your Living Space

3 Tips For Choosing The Right Paint Color For Your Living Space

If you’re ready for a change in the look and feel of your living space, throwing on a fresh coat of paint on the walls is a great way to achieve this without having to spend a lot of money. Even if you hire someone to do the painting for you and save yourself the trouble of this, you’ll still be getting a great deal on an entirely new looking living space. But before you do this, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve chosen the right colors to paint your walls.

To help you in making this decision, here are three tips for choosing the right paint color for your living space.

Envision The Feelings You Want In The Space

Before you worry too much about getting the exact shade of paint, the first thing that you’ll want to consider is what type of feelings you want yourself and your friends and family to have when they’re in the space, because the colors that you choose to paint your living space will have a big impact on the overall vibe of the room.

Depending on what feelings you want people to have when they’re in this room, the colors that you’ll want to choose will vary. For example, blue is known to be a more calming color while colors like red can elicit more excited feelings in people. To make sure you choose a color that corresponds with the feelings you’re wanting to draw out, be sure you study a bit about the psychology of color before you make your final decision.

Work With The Decor You Have

If you’re not doing a whole redesign and redecoration of your living space but just wanting to change the colors on your walls, you may want to start by working with the colors that you have in order aspects of your decor. This way, you can be sure that the furniture and other elements of the space will all work together with the paint color you go with.

Give Your Swatches Time

Once you decide on the group of colors that you’re thinking you’ll go with for your living space, you’ll want to get some samples of that paint and paint a few swatches on the walls or ceiling that you’re planning to repaint.

While this will make your home look a little wonky for a few days, being able to see what the colors look like in all kinds of lighting and weather will help you be more confident in the color that you choose to go with. You can see exactly how the colors will look all throughout the day so that you can know your effort to get the whole space painted will be worth your time and effort.

If you’re going to pick some new paint for your living space, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you choose the right colors.


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