3 Renovation Tricks To Make A Small Space Feel Bigger

3 Renovation Tricks To Make A Small Space Feel Bigger

One reason people take on design or renovation projects at home is to turn their current space into a space that will better fit their needs. In many instances, this means getting more physical space for their growing family or expanding life. However, if you live in a small footprint or with limited expansion space, like there is in a condo or small home, you’ll need to get creative with how to reach your renovations goals.

To help you accomplish this, here are three renovations tricks to make a small space feel bigger.

Add Overhead Lighting

If adding more square footage to your home isn’t an option, you’ve got to find another way to make your rooms both look and feel larger than they actually are.

One way you can do this, according to Scott Sowers, a contributor to HouseLogic.com, is to add some overhead lighting to your space. Without proper lighting, the rooms in your home can feel like a dark cave rather than light and airy spaces. And by using ceiling lights as your overhead lighting, you’ll make your rooms a lot brighter without taking up as much space as you would have with a big chandelier or a lot of floor or table lamps. This trick can help to expand the size of your room by casting light on everything all at once.

Paint With Lighter Colors

Just as adding more light to your rooms can make it appear larger, painting your rooms the right color can have the same effect.

According to Katie Holdefehr, a contributor to RealSimple.com, the best color to paint the walls and ceiling of your room in order to make it appear larger is white. Knowing this, if the walls of your home aren’t already white, you may want to consider repainting them. Especially if the walls or ceiling of your home are a dark color, putting on some white paint will help open up the space a lot more than you’re used to.

Increase Efficiency Rather Than Size

Sometimes, it’s not the actual space of your home that you need to make larger but the efficiency of the space that needs to be improved.

To make this type of adjustment in your home, James Glave, a contributor to This Old House, suggests that you consider adding hidden drawers or cabinets within the shelves, walls, or cabinets that you already have in place. By taking advantage of any hollow spaces that aren’t currently used for storage, you’ll be able to create more space without actually adding any square footage to your living space.

If you’re wanting to do some home renovations projects that will make your small home feel bigger, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn what tasks you can try.

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