3 Reasons Stain-Resistant Bamboo Sheets Are Great for Kids

3 Reasons Stain-Resistant Bamboo Sheets Are Great for Kids

Most people spend at least eight hours per night in their beds. Many kids spend more than that on theirs. Sleep is essential for overall health, including brain development, so it’s important to invest in not only a good mattress but also in great bedding to make sure that your kids’ sleep environment is setting them up for sleep success.

Aside from allowing your kids to choose sheets with their favourite cartoon characters on them, how do you decide what sort of sheets to buy? Many people look at the price or at customer reviews that talk about durability. If you don’t often think about the materials that the sheets are made of, consider that there are many different fabrics such as microfibre, cotton, polyester, and bamboo. Bamboo may conjure a number of price signs in your mind, but the benefits outweigh the costs when it comes to choosing sheets made from this material for your kids.

Why Bamboo?

What are your kids’ sheets made of? Oftentimes, the companies that make sheets use a chemical process to make their product more durable. Are chemically treated sheets the type of thing you want your kids to sleep on all night long? Bamboo sheets are made from an eco-friendly process that turns the fibres of the bamboo into soft, clean, cooling sheets without all the chemicals.

Here are three reasons to choose sheets made from bamboo for your kids.

1. Soft

Many kids are sensitive to the feeling of fabric on their skin. They will tell you if they think a sweater is too itchy, if a tag in their jeans is bothering them, or if a shirt collar is too tight. You pick soft, loose pyjamas for your kids to sleep in each night, and it’s just as important to choose sheets that have the right feeling, too. Sheets made from bamboo are very soft. The fibres are sateen woven to provide an extra luxurious feeling to the sheets. Kids might not think “luxury” when they crawl into bed at night, but they’ll probably tell you how soft their sheets are and will be happy to stay in bed even longer than usual. Win-win!

2. Cooling

Do you have a hot sleeper? Some kids—and many preteens and teenagers—get very warm when they sleep at night. This can lead to a poorer quality of sleep due to discomfort. If your toasty sleeper wakes up in a pool of sweat each night and you find yourself washing bed linens every other day, sheets made of bamboo are a great option. Bamboo is more breathable than cotton and has moisture-wicking abilities that prevent the sheets from sticking to warm bodies.

3. Stain-Resistant

Little kids made big messes. Sometimes you know what causes sheets to get dirty: a sick day; a toileting accident; night sweats; a bloody nose; or just too many days between washes. Sometimes it’s a mystery. (Who gave you a juice box in the middle of the night?) While stains don’t necessarily mean that the sheets aren’t clean, you as the parent feel better when your child’s bed sheets look clean and crisp. Bamboo is a stain-resistant fabric which is great for kids. Regular washing prevents dirt build up, but when you do need to treat a stain, you’ll have great success using non-toxic household products such as baking soda or vinegar that will keep your child’s bedding free of chemicals.

It’s important to be selective when choosing sheets for your kids. A good night’s sleep depends on a great sleep environment, so in addition to the temperature in the room, a supportive mattress, and the most comfortable pyjamas, pay close attention to the materials in your child’s sheets to make sure that they will be the last perfect element to set them up for successful sleep.

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