3 Items You Must Have Before Starting Your Next DIY Project

3 Items You Must Have Before Starting Your Next DIY Project

When you are about to start a new DIY project, you likely just check to see if you have everything necessary to do the project itself. Some projects require you to have pipe cleaners, a hot glue gun, glitter, and construction paper. Other DIY projects require you to pull out your trusty circular saw, amongst other supplies. But what all DIYers need are a few standard supplies that make it easier to get started as well as clean up. Have these next three items at your disposal and all of your DIY projects will be easy to start, execute, and finish up.

1. A Toolkit That Includes Power Tools

There are DIY projects that are suited for various skill levels, from beginner to super advanced. So, if you are mainly going to be sewing, knitting, and embroidering, you may believe that you won’t ever have a use for a toolkit. Well, maybe at first you won’t need to use a screwdriver, hammer, or wrench to complete any of your DIY projects. Eventually, there is going to be a DIY project that really speaks to you, and tools of all kinds are going to be required. Keep a toolkit in your home and ensure that it contains at least a few basic power tools, just to be safe.

2. A Fully Stocked First Aid Kit

Not all DIY projects go as planned, and that is okay. It is only when things go totally leftfield that you should feel concerned. Sometimes, accidents are going to happen. You could have a friend helping you out when they suddenly find that they have hurt themselves. Make a first aid kit and have it stored where you complete your DIY projects. The first aid kit that you create can be totally tailored for what you do. So, if you do a lot of wood burning or forge your own weapons, have a first kit around that treats burns effectively. A person who does a lot of DIY projects that entails sewing and cutting might want a first aid kit that helps to stop bleeding quickly.

3. A Cache of Cleaning Supplies

It’s all fun and games when working on a DIY project – until it becomes time to clean-up. Most people just don’t know how hard it is to get glitter off hardwood floors until they try to sweep, then vacuum, and finally scrub all the glitter away. This is why you need to have a plethora of cleaning supplies at your fingertips, as you don’t want to spend hours trying to get everything cleaned up. Rubbing alcohol and a few paper towels are all that is needed to remove permanent marker from surfaces like desks, walls, and tables. If you accidentally spill something sticky on your worktable then a few disinfectant wipes can clean up the mess quickly. Have clean rags, a bucket, plenty of paper towels, dish detergent, and a multi-purpose cleaner nearby so that you can finish up your DIY projects the right way.

DIY projects are supposed to be fun, so don’t wait until you are in the middle of one to learn that you aren’t prepared. Get the area set up so that you can follow each step. Keep a first aid kit on hand to deal with any potential complications. Lastly, have what you need to get everything cleaned up fast and easy.

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