3 Home Maintenance Tasks To Prepare For Fall

3 Home Maintenance Tasks To Prepare For Fall

With summer creeping to a close in many areas, now’s the perfect time to take advantage of the last long days of summer and the last remnants of summer heat to prepare your home for the coming fall.

To help you in successfully doing this, here are three home maintenance tasks you should schedule into your calendar that will help you prepare for fall weather.

Prepare For Fallen Leaves

One of the hallmarks of fall weather is when the leaves change color and start falling from the trees. But while this can be a beautiful sight, having to deal with this phenomenon on your property can be a hassle. Because of this, it’s worth it to prepare for this event before it starts happening

To do this, Laura Gaskill, a contributor to Houzz and Forbes.com, recommends that you get all the supplies you’ll need to start raking up the leaves before they become a big, messy problem. Look for things like a light weight rake, big bags for gathering up the leaves, and some comfortable work gloves. As for the leaves that don’t make it to the ground of your property, you should also plan to make sure your gutters are properly installed so that when they catch the leaves, you can easily clean them out without causing damage to your gutter or your home.

Get Your Driveway Ready

With the fall comes colder weather and the occasional freeze at night. So before the temperatures in your area are expected to drop, it’s wise to make sure that your property, especially your driveway, will be able to handle this.

According to Danielle Tullo, a contributor to House Beautiful, if water gets into any cracks in your driveway right before a freeze, that water will turn to ice and expand, creating even bigger cracks that will be harder for you to repair. So before this has a chance to happen, consider filling in any cracks in your driveway by the end of summer.

Seal Up Your Home

If you live in an area that gets very hot in the summer, you’ve likely already sealed up your home so that you can keep the heat out. But now that fall and winter are approaching, it’s a good idea to check your house again for leaks so you can keep the heat in.

When leaks or cracks are found, John Riha, a contributor to HouseLogic, recommends simply filling the spots with caulk. By doing this in the summer when the weather is warmer, the caulk will be easier for you to use, as it will flow more smoothly.

If you’re wanting to make sure your home is ready for fall, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you accomplish this.


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