7 Bathroom Upgrades that Add Value to Your Property

7 Bathroom Upgrades that Add Value to Your Property

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Bathrooms are the spaces that can make or break a deal for your home. Why? Because people are increasingly looking for bathrooms that are well-maintained and give them value for money. Hence, before you list your home for sale, make sure your bathroom adds value to your home instead of bringing it down.

When planning a remodel, it is important to know which upgrades can yield the best return on investment, let alone comfort.

It is particularly true if you live in a competitive housing market like Tampa, where home prices increased by a significant 19.6% compared to the previous year. Imagine the price you can get with a bathroom renovation, which mostly gives an ROI of 71%.

So, which bathroom upgrades can help you make your bathroom a spa-like haven while adding value to your property? Well, in this guide, we will share the seven upgrades that will make your private space more enjoyable and attractive to future buyers.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

  • Install Vanity with Storage

Do you know what can spruce up your bathroom instantly? A vanity! One of the top picks among homeowners is adding a vanity with storage. A 2022 Houzz survey found that 51% of individuals love the timeless Shaker-style cabinet fronts. But if you’re into a more modern vibe, flat-panel designs have got the attention of 27% of homeowners.

Vanities with drawers are storage gold. They usually give you way more space than the ones with just doors. While considering this, you might also consider opting for a quartz countertop. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it is also easy to clean. However, to get the best outcome and avoid annoyance later on, simply run a local search with keywords like Tampa bathroom remodeling company near me and hire experts who are not only certified but experienced enough to handle the job perfectly.

  • Add a Stylish Mirror

The one upgrade that is often overlooked is the stylish large wall mirror. This upgrade is the easiest way to add light and space to your bathroom. So, go ahead and grab a large, stylish mirror. However, always select the mirror size based on the available space to bounce around as much light as possible.

Also, to keep it simple, go from the counter to the crown or ceiling and install sconces over the top. The idea will not only help expand the space but also heighten the room. Similarly, you can trim it out in molding of any color and profile and make it your own.

  • Flooring

Is your bathroom floor stuck in a time warp with grimy grout or outdated tiles? Switching out your old floor for porcelain or ceramic tiles can be a smart move. Why? Well, they’re waterproof and durable and won’t break the bank.

Have you ever thought about heated floors? Adding this feature can be a game-changer, especially in winter. Plus, potential buyers might find this upgrade pretty tempting, making it a wise investment for increasing your home’s value.

  • Upgrade Lighting Fixtures

Enhanced lighting can transform the ambiance, making daily routines enjoyable and efficient. Soft, dimmable lights can create a soothing atmosphere and appeal to buyers who love relaxing in a spa-like bathroom after work. Alternatively, for makeup enthusiasts, installing wall sconces beside the mirror provides ideal, flattering illumination.

Each lifestyle demands different lighting styles—for instance, adjustable lights benefit bath lovers, offering a calming environment. Plus, innovations like fan lights with Bluetooth provide entertainment, allowing music streaming during morning preparations.

  • Upgrade Toilet

If you want to make an eco-friendly change, low-flow toilets are worth considering. These toilets use significantly less water per flush, saving precious resources and money on your water bill. Buyers will always prefer a home that is eco-friendly since it not only benefits the environment but also reduces bills.

For a sleek and modern look, consider toilets with hidden tanks. These models offer a tidy appearance as the tank is concealed within the wall. They suit contemporary bathroom styles, contributing positively to your home’s aesthetic and market appeal.

However, toilets with hidden tanks might require more maintenance since accessing the concealed tank can be tricky. To avoid future inconvenience, plan for this during the installation stage. You can work with a professional plumber to design a bathroom access panel or door. This will ensure easy access without sacrificing its style and aesthetics.

  • Add Proper Ventilation

Bathrooms are often plagued by mold and mildew due to the excess moisture and humidity. By introducing an effective ventilation system or adding a window, you not only address these issues but can also enhance the natural lighting in the space.

For instance, installing a window that slopes downwards at the sill helps to drain water while preventing moisture accumulation efficiently. Similarly, choosing frosted glass for your window is a practical option to maintain privacy in the bathroom.

Alternatively, consider incorporating a bathroom fan if a window isn’t feasible. This device is crucial for circulating air, reducing humidity, and preventing the growth of mold and mildew, thereby maintaining a healthy bathroom environment. An added advantage of having a bathroom fan is its utility throughout the year, providing continuous ventilation regardless of the season.

  • Install Walk-In Shower

Upgrading your bathroom by installing a walk-in shower can be smart, especially if your home has more than one bathroom with a bathtub. While many homeowners highly value bathtubs for their comfort and style, replacing one with a walk-in shower is often seen as more user-friendly and contemporary, making your home appealing to a broader range of potential buyers.


Who would’ve thought our simple bathrooms could pack so much punch? With a few smart changes, you can instantly make your mornings more enjoyable and increase the value of your homes. It’s like bringing a bit of that fancy spa luxury into your home, and if you ever decide to pack up and move, you’ll get a better return on the sale.

So, whether you are thinking of selling or just in the mood to turn your bathroom into a cozy retreat, these upgrades won’t let you down. Good luck!


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