Swimsuits That Stylize: Tricks To Choose The Best Design For Your Silhouette

Swimsuits That Stylize: Tricks To Choose The Best Design For Your Silhouette


If you want to show off your style and figure this summer, you should discover which models of swimsuits are the ones that will suit you best depending on your body type thanks to the advice of experts in swimsuits

Every woman has her body and that makes them unique. Summer is the time of the year in which it shows itself the most because with the heat comes the time for the freshest and shortest clothes.

Within the season, swimsuits are the garments that hide the least and, for many women, it is an exam that terrifies them. Some even make the decision not to visit beaches and swimming pools in order not to have to use them… but that can change just by knowing a few basic tricks.

Would you be interested in changing your appearance without having to go through diets or surgery? Well, it is possible only by knowing how to choose the type of bikini swimsuits that we use. There are some gestures when dressing that can create flattering optical effects.

This way we can sign designs that give the sensation of having longer legs, a slimmer silhouette, thinner arms or more marked hips. All women are different so the fundamental task is to find an ideal swimsuit according to our morphology and skin tone.

What kind of ornaments to choose?

The bows on the sides of the panties are a good trick to add volume to this area of ​​the body and balance the proportions of the morphology. It is one of the most common formats in bathroom collections, so it will be very easy for you to choose the one you like the most and enjoy the sun and the sea in the trendiest way.

The most athletic and sporty girls tend to have an H-shaped figure, that is, straight and without curves. In these cases the objective is twofold; on the one hand we must achieve volume in the chest but without forgetting to also achieve it in the hips.

A trick can be to choose tops with bows and ruching that will accentuate the curves. But there is an infallible solution and they are the ruffles that achieve a more effective result for both areas, also providing an extra sophistication.

We can also meet women with the well-known hourglass shape. If we talk about swimsuits, they are one of the luckiest women since they have a very well-proportioned body, which means that any swimsuit will look great on them. What to do in these cases? To show off! Take advantage of the fact that you are a privileged person and go all out with scandalous swimsuits and bikinis that few can afford.

Recommended colors and patterns

Did you know that a monochrome bikini or swimsuit is more flattering than a printed one? If what you are worried about is hiding a few extra kilos, it is best to choose a design in a single neutral color. At the online store Kameymall, they are very aware of this, so practically most of the designs in their collection are made in a single tone.

In addition to achieving a more flattering silhouette, these types of swimsuits have an ace up their sleeve and that is that they have a timelessness that makes them unbeatable to passing trends, which is why, summer after summer, they are in fashion.

If we look at the prints, the stripes can become the best allies or the worst enemies, everything will depend on the objective you want to conquer. The vertical stripes stylize and manage to visually lengthen the figure. However, the horizontal ones have the completely opposite result, something that will favor women with few curves who want to widen certain areas such as the chest or hips.


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