Jewellery for modern day working woman: A guide

Jewellery for modern day working woman: A guide

From time to time, most jewellery stores get a typical question – “Can you recommend some styling ideas and tips on how jewellery can be worn for a professional look?” In the world that we live in today, women have numerous options. Even when it comes to the jewellery sector, you can discover various types of jewellery suited for all types of requirements. Jewellery has always been an essential part of a woman ever since the concept of civilization came into existence. However, at times having all these choices makes your life a bit more confusing. Combining clothing and jewellery pieces can often be a difficult task for most women. In order to help you work out things, here is an ultimate guide on jewellery for modern-day working women. This is something for anyone who has been attempting to locate an ideal piece or a good addition to their already lustrous collection.

Pearl necklace

The simple yet classy pearl necklace can never go wrong. People do not think that sporting a pearl necklace is old-fashioned or conservative, anymore. Regardless of whether it is a typical strand or a necklace with a contemporary take, it is still an amazing accessory to any type of attire. Wearing the perfect type of pearl jewellery to your workplace will offer you a sophisticated and fashionable look. It helps complement your attire rather than overshadowing it and so it’s absolutely highly suggested to own one or two pearls in your jewellery collection.

Divine theme earrings and pendants

Most people like celestial-themed earrings and pendants. You can opt for an unobtrusive elegance with the stunning moon pendant hanging from the neck whilst the glowing star studs glimmer on the ears. The elegance and simplicity of these jewellery pieces is what make them the ideal pair to complement any kind of attire. And there’s one thing that any jewellery stores in Delhi can promise you. These jewellery pieces will by no means go out of fashion. You just need to pair them as your day-to-day jewellery to flaunt it for your professional and casual look.

Floating pearl necklace

Here’s another pearl necklace variety. This eye-catching simple pearl pendant is the ideal accessory for any work clothing if you wish to affix a more modern variation to your appearance. A longer necklace variety, just like your teardrop earrings or stocky pearl bracelet might obstruct or can cause a disruption while working. As an alternative, you can opt for simple classic pearl jewellery pieces like a pearl necklace that stands between 16-17 inches and includes pearls that measure around 8-9mm in diameter.

Aum/ Om Jewellery

Aum is a symbol that appears to be a resurgence of sorts. Previously one could not locate an Om/Aum in a stunning crafter designer piece however if you are seeking a simple daily Aum symbol jewellery you can then opt for various Aum bracelets and necklaces in the available Aum collection at a jewellery store. You can pair it with a yoga outfit as well as a comfortable pair of tee and jeans or under the office shirt. This beautiful jewellery equalizes your energy with the collective healing powers of the unique elements and embraces optimistic emotions by relieving any negative emotions that you may have. This particular jewellery piece has been made with love to make you feel and appear inspired, beautiful and safeguarded while wearing it.

Designer Mangalsutra

Last of all, there’s the designer Mangalsutra. These jewellery pieces were made for the modern-day woman’s lifestyle and so there’s no reason why you can’t employ them for your professional appearance.

Everybody is of the same opinion that jewellery is the simplest way to add life to your daily attire and boost the finest features. The modern pieces are straightforward yet explore a notion of an association that is perceived as a captivating complexity.


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