Chalk for Chalkboard Paint

Chalk for Chalkboard Paint

Chalk for Chalkboard Paint What It Is

You have probably already chalk for chalkboard paint out in the wild. If you have come across a furniture item that has been painted to give a matte, chalky feel and finish, then you have already seen chalkboard paint but just didn’t know what it was called.

How It Behaves

Unlike other kinds of paints, chalk for chalkboard paint does not need a surface to be prepared for it by sanding and priming. Due to its viscous nature, it has no problem sticking to most types of surfaces.

Why It Is a Favorite

It has other things to recommend it, as well. Since it has a chalk-like finishing, you can write on it with chalk. This characteristic makes chalk for chalkboard paint it a popular choice for walls in children’s bedrooms, play areas etc.

How It Is Applied

Chalk for chalkboard paint is easily applied as well and can be applied to a drywall directly. All you’d need is a fine foam roller and that you apply it as smoothly as possible. Once the paint had dried, then you can prime it by rubbing chalk all over it, and erasing it.

What You Can Do With It

Here are some ideas for what you can do with chalkboard paint:

  1. You can use chalk for chalkboard paintto paint a clock on your wall that will also double up as a message board.
  2. If your bed didn’t come with a headboard or your kid wants a customized version on theirs every day, then you can make it happen with chalkboard paint. Change things up whenever you feel like it or when your kid has a new favorite character that they want gracing their bedroom walls!
  3. Throwing a party? Then apply the chalk for chalkboard paintto wine bottles and use them as party favors or place one with the table number on each table, so your guests can recognize theirs.
  4. When hosting a dinner party, you hate when things go wrong with the table settings. You can solve that by using chalk for chalkboard paintto draw the proper table setting on the table itself!
  5. Own a refrigerator that works like a charm but possesses less than desirable looks? Then paint over it with the chalkboard paint so that it matches with the rest of the kitchen.
  6. For a classroom feel, you can convert old globes or buy one from a flea market into a spherical chalkboard with chalk for chalkboard paint. If nothing else, your kid will have something to draw on!
  7. As kids, the classroom blackboard held an unending fascination for us. It is safe to say that it is the same for with your own kids, as well. If that is true and you have a spare flight of stairs at hand, then you can paint them with chalk for chalkboard paint. Hand your child a piece of chalk and they will spend hours doodling on the stairs.
  8. If you love mixing things up, then how about breaking tradition with a chalkboard Christmas Tree?

Grab your chalk for chalkboard paint can from Amazon today and get started!

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