5 Hacks to Follow When You Move to a New City

5 Hacks to Follow When You Move to a New City

Now that you’ve moved to Bangalore, starry-eyed and excited, you’re ready for the rest of your life to begin. You’ve been waiting for this day since you secured admission to that top college or got selected for your dream job, and it’s finally happening. You’ve come into the city, run searches like a house for rent near me, and you’re only a few steps away from starting the next chapter of your life. But there’s a lot of work that needs to be done first.

And that’s where we want to help. We’ve got a few tips to help you navigate the moving process. Whether it comes to unpacking or finding your groove in a new environment, we hope these tips will come in handy for you.

Take photos of your house before unpacking

As a renter, you have to be conscious of the fact that you don’t own the space that you’re moving into. Which means that eventually, you will have to move out of your flat. Taking some photos of your house before you start unpacking is a great benchmark for you to have. You can document any issues or scratches in the furnishings right off the bat so that your landlord doesn’t penalise you for them later. Plus, you’ll know exactly how you should leave things when you move out eventually. This hack will definitely come in handy if you want to recover your security deposit in its entirety.

Make duplicates of your keys

One of the first things that you should do, especially if you live alone, is to make duplicates of your new house keys, especially if your landlord doesn’t provide you with more than one. We recommend making at least three copies – the first for yourself of course, the second as a backup that you can leave with a trusted friend or neighbour, and a third that you should have just in case of emergencies. The last thing you want is to get locked out of your house when you’re new to the city, so make this a priority after you move.

Plan your daily commute

No matter where you live, you’re going to have to travel to your college or place of work every day. And it’s important to know the process and time you’ll take for that. If your apartment is within walking distance of your place of work or study, walk the route and see how much time you take and the different streets that you pass. If you’re going to rely on public transportation, check out the different options that are available to you as well as the time you’ll take depending on the famous Bangalore traffic. It’ll be great if you can do a trial run of your commute a day before you actually start school or work, to ensure that you don’t have any issues on your real first day.

Scope out your neighbourhood

Getting to know your new city is going to take some time and effort, but one of the essential things for you to do after moving in is checking out your neighbourhood. Exploring on foot is the best way to do this. Find the nearest grocery store, chemist, and stationery shop. Pick up some delivery menus of local shops. A lot of these places will end up becoming your go-tos while you live in Bangalore, so it’s best to get familiar with them as soon as possible.

Take time off to explore

Moving to a new city can be stressful. So, it’s important to take regular breaks and remind yourself of the fun and excitement that comes with the move too. There are plenty of interesting places to visit in Bangalore that you can check out in between unpacking and settling in at your new job or college. Taking some time off to unwind and explore will help you feel a lot calmer and happier about your move and decrease your stress levels at the same time.

So, there you have it. We hope these hacks and suggestions help you figure out your move to a new city and get you settled down quickly. Try them out and see for yourself. All the best!


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