Make Your House Sparkle With These 6 Amazing Hacks

Make Your House Sparkle With These 6 Amazing Hacks

We all lead hazardously busy lives. I say, hazardously busy since we barely have time for ourselves nowadays. Our 9-5 work hours drain us perfectly for any scope of activity to be even left after the long day.

So, when you are all tired and in need of comfort, your home comes to your rescue. While driving back home, you imagine throwing your bag and lying down on your squishy couch. “Finally a break”, you tell yourself, but then you reach home and find more troubles waiting.


The house is stinking pungently, you see rats running around the house, and suddenly, the God-sent couch doesn’t look that great either. You realize there’s way too much grease on the floor, and the very aura you wanted your house to foster was being flipped over while you were busy all these days.

No house becomes so bad all of a sudden. It’s a gradual degradation but may leave some permanent scars. How do we ensure the one place we call home stays perfect?

Look no further! We are giving you 6 tips on how to maintain a peacefully sparkling clean home.

Set up one day every week

There’s no other way around this. If you want your house to look glorious, you will need to put down some time and efforts for this. This certainly does not mean that you’ve to compromise on your present lifestyle for this, you could just pick one day a week for deep rejuvenation of your house. This day should be about scrubbing your floor, dusting your furniture, cleaning your walls, making that every change that you need in your habitat.

You could also make your laundry and wardrobe arrangement this day of the week. When you do thorough cleansing once weekly, you reduce the chances of backlog, leading to permanent worries.


A lot of things in most houses lie there because they always have. Not all these items have a utility, some may even be pressurizing the limited surface area, but we still keep these useless possessions because we always have. These goods become the grounds for dust, rodents, grease to flourish.

Not a right move, if you want to make your house sharp! And that’s why you should get rid of this junk with the help of experts like Junk King, who don’t just take your waste materials but also put it to good use.


You aren’t required to go out of your way to redesign your house; you just have to change the alignment and orientation of your furniture. Your sofa and bed may be accumulating heaps of dirt underneath. By moving them around, you are finally going to diagnose what lies beneath. You would spot the deterrents and remove them.

For a thorough cleaning experience, it becomes very crucial to not leave even the most difficult spots without neat checks.

Use darker shades

For those who are too lazy (& love being a panda) to clean frequently, the darker shades are no less than magic. Black and grey are two colours that barely look dirty. So, for your curtains, tiles, wall texture, cushions – darker shades will go perfectly well. However, don’t overdo with these colours, unless you want to go for a gothic look for your house.

Use doormats

This may sound like a suggestion, but doormat can make a huge difference. Just removing shoes before you step inside your hose isn’t enough, your feet may be dirty too. A rug or mat placed at every doorstep would ensure that your dirt gets scrubbed and scrapped off your feet. Doormats also ensure that your wet feet, after a shower, don’t go around dampening the rest of your room.

Light the house up

This is where you add “sparkles” to your sparkly clean house. Put ample light bulbs, sensor lights, and make way for natural sunlight to gush inside your house too. Not only will this make your house look better and shinier, but it will also help you properly investigate your house. A well-lit house is easier to clean and safer to hold.

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